Work Flow Chart


  1. Internal and External Course Assignments Process Flow Chart
  2. Academic Staff Leave Process Flowchart
  3. Administrative Staff Leave Process Flow Chart
  4. Archive Management Process Flow Chart
  5. Academic Staff Recruitment Process Flow Chart
  6. Short-Term Domestic and International Assignment Process Flow Chart
  7. Administrative Staff Transfer Process Flow Chart
  8. Procedure Flow Chart for Certification of Principal Office at the End of Candidate Officer Period
  9. Service Consolidation Process Flow Chart
  10. Pension Transaction Flow Chart
  11. Document Flow Procedures Flow Chart
  12. EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) Incoming Document Transactions Flow Chart
  13. EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) Outgoing Document Transactions Flow Chart
  14. Diploma Adjustment Process Flowchart Process of Extension of Term of Office Flowchart
  15. Process Flow Chart for Submission of Property Declaration Form
  16. Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Support Usage Process Flow Chart
  17. Personnel Disciplinary Investigation Process Flow Chart
  18. Student Disciplinary Investigation Procedure Flow Chart
  19. Process Flow Chart for Election of Professor-Doctor-Assistant Professor Representative Members to the Faculty Board
  20. Process Flow Chart for Election of Professor-Doctor-Assistant Professor Representative Members to the Faculty Executive Board
  21. Faculty Board Meeting Procedure Flow Chart
  22. Faculty Board of Directors Meeting Procedure Flow Chart
  23. Department Head Appointment Process Flow Chart
  24. Procedure Flow Chart for Appointment of Department Heads to Faculty Departments
  25. Process Flow Chart for the Election of Faculty Representative Members to the University Senate
  26. Part-Time Student Recruitment Process Flow Chart
  27. Part-Time Student Entry or Exit Procedure Flow Chart
  28. Part-Time Student Payroll Process Flow Chart
  29. Faculty Departments Course Change Procedure Flow Chart
  30. Activity Reports Preparation Process Flow Chart



  1. Registration procedures for new students...
  2. Registration procedures for vertical transfer students
  3. Registration procedures for transfer students
  4. Registration procedures for students placed with additional quota
  5. Registration procedures for M.E. Scholarship students
  6. Registration procedures for foreign students studying with their own means with YÖS
  7. Acceptance of petitions and preparation of documents for transfer students
  8. Procedures for students whose applications to another university are accepted for transfer
  9. Making the lists of registered students
  10. Making the lists of students who will study preparatory class
  11. Preparing the lists of outgoing and incoming students in intermediate classes
  12. Charting the general totals of the faculty students in terms of class-department, male-female and female
  13. Assigning advisors to old and newly enrolled students
  14. End of year statistics
  15. Identifying registered male students and issuing military service certificates
  16. Syllabus writing and announcement
  17. Writing and announcement of the exam schedule (midterm-final-completion)
  18. Monitoring and announcement of the Prime Ministry scholarship list
  19. Distribution of promissory notes of Credit and Hostels Institution’s scholarship students
  20. Determining success rates
  21. Determination of the 10% of the second education students and correspondence with the Rectorate
  22. Student document issuance
  23. Student transcript editing
  24. Transcript issuance for graduates and transfer students
  25. Issue transcripts to students who graduated in '96 and previous years
  26. Correspondence and follow-up of students' objections to exam grades
  27. Obtaining students' exam entry cards, distributing them to advisors and following up
  28. Correcting the courses on the cards of students with errors on their exam entry cards
  29. Course registrations of students who have not registered for courses
  30. Distribution of students' annual ID banderoles
  31. Preparation of documents for student health certificates
  32. Referral of students and follow-up of visa procedures
  33. Receiving the exam papers
  34. Delivery of exam papers to the archive
  35. Identification cards of newly enrolled students and students who have lost their ID cards are issued and distributed to advisors
  36. Procedures for students who freeze their registration
  37. Procedures for de-registered students
  38. Identification of students in graduation status
  39. Preparation of diplomas of graduated students
  40. Diplomas are given to the students
  41. The official letter given to students who have graduated but whose diploma is not ready
  42. Collection and follow-up of the receipts of students who will receive tuition refunds (contribution credit)
  43. Determination of school winners
  44. Determination of department winners
  45. Correspondence of foreign students with the coordinatorship
  46. Issuance of residence permits for foreign students
  47. Preparation of official letters and internship documents to the institutions where the students will do their internship and retrieval of the documents
  48. Accepting the petitions of students who do not want to benefit from conditional transfer (-D) with an average of 2.50 and correcting them on the computer
  49. Entering midterm-final-completion dates into the computer
  50. Correspondence regarding student permits
  51. Correspondence regarding students who receive scholarships from various public and private institutions and organizations outside the university
  52. Procedures related to the investigations of the disciplinary penalties committed by the students of the faculty
  53. Collection and listing of graduation theses
  54. Correspondence with the municipality for the student handcards and distribution of the handcards
  55. Receiving reports for the excuse exams of students with reports, distribution of FYKK decisions to the teachers, determination of exam dates
  56. Determination of the students who will graduate from a single course, determination of the students who will graduate from a single course, announcement of the exam date, acceptance of their applications, entry of exam grades into the computer
  57. Graduation procedures of single course graduates
  58. Writing and announcing general announcements about students
  59. Correspondence with the IT Department in case of problems related to students' tuition fees
  60. Correspondence with the data processing department in cases where professors enter incorrect exam grades
  61. Correspondence with public and private institutions regarding students



  1. Payment of travel allowances and per diems
  2. Material purchase transactions
  3. Budget preparation procedures
  4. Fault - repair works
  5. Additional tute process
  6. Student internship procedures
  7. Salary payment process

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