As a requirement of its mission, vision and strategic plan, Selçuk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has a quality policy

1. Adopting a fair, transparent, participatory and sharing policy in all administrative processes, taking decisions as a result of mutual exchange of ideas, considering the views of students in decision-making mechanisms, and reporting the decisions taken and sharing them with the participants,

2. Prioritizing education and training at national and international standards by taking joint steps with all internal and external stakeholders, especially pre- and post-graduate students, for professional development,

3. Supporting high-impact research and encouraging international competition with its qualified researcher potential and equipped laboratories,

4. Adopting high level satisfaction in terms of contribution to society,

5. Making improvements by considering the opinions of all internal and external stakeholders, organizing surveys with various procedures and work flow charts to carry out these activities,

6. Believing in more effective performance outcomes in an environment where students, academic and administrative staff and all its members are happy,

7. Giving importance to human rights, universal values, animal rights and animal welfare.