Prof. Dr. Erol GÜNGÖR


Turkish social psychologist Erol Güngör. Who is Erol Güngör? Here is the biography of Erol Güngör

Erol Güngör was born in 1938 in Kırşehir. His father, Abdullah Sabri Bey, was one of the Hacıhafızoğullari and his mother Zeliha Gülsen Hanım. Güngör completed his primary and secondary education in Kırşehir. He learned old writing during secondary school and took Arabic lessons in high school. During this period, he started to read the main works of Islamic-Turkish cultural history.

Erol Güngör started his career as a civil servant in 1957 while he was a student. During these years he also learned English besides French. He was a laboratory assistant to visiting professor Hains and translated his lectures into Turkish. After graduating from the Faculty of Letters in 1961, he was appointed as an assistant to the Chair of Experiential Psychology. During direct assistance to social psychology, a new branch of science in Turkey. He translated the work of Krech and Grutchfield, who were prominent representatives of this discipline, into Turkish under the name of Social Psychology. In addition to his academic studies, he continued to write articles in magazines and newspapers.

In 1965, he got the title of doctor with his thesis Est Aesthetic Organization in Verbal Structures yönetiminde which was prepared by Mümtaz Turhan. In 1966 he went to America at the invitation of Kenneth Hammond, a social psychologist from the University of Colorado. He participated in the research of an international team at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences of this university. In 1968, he returned to Turkey Experimental Psychology began to conduct social psychology courses at the Department. He became an associate professor in 1970 with his dissertation entitled The Role of Language in Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts.

In their lectures and scholarly publications give the social psychology at the university in Turkey, which has become an important area Gungor Prime Planning Organization, he took part in various commissions of the Ministry of National Education and Culture Ministry. In 1978, he became a professor of social psychology with his dissertation, Research on Values ​​Psychology, in which he examined the relationship between the general values ​​system and moral values ​​from a sociopsychological perspective. In 1982, he was appointed as the rector of Selçuk University. During this duty, he died on 24 April 1983 in Istanbul.