ILL (Interlibrary Cooperation) / Document Supply


Collaboration is carried out with domestic and international libraries and information centers in order to provide book and article requests not included in the Selçuk University Central Library collection and to respond to user needs. The books that are not in the collection of Selçuk University Central Library are borrowed from domestic and foreign libraries via ILL. In order to borrow books from other libraries, it is necessary to fill out ILL (Interlibrary Cooperation) / Document Delivery form on our library website. In addition to providing borrowed books, our library also provides articles from other libraries' electronic and printed journals.


When the desired source reaches the library; You will be informed by phone or e-mail when and where to obtain the source. For more information, you can call 0 332 223 2437 or send an e-mail to


The Process of Providing and Lending Documents Related to Articles and Books Requested by the Academic Staff of the University from Other University and Research Libraries


• The ILL process is carried out entirely according to the lending policy of the requested library (such as how many books can be borrowed at the same time). • Requests for periodicals, advisory resources, theses, books in reserve unit and books that are not borrowed are not taken into consideration.

• Books borrowed through ILL are sent to our Library by the relevant institution. Our users can receive the books from the Advisory Unit of our library.

• All shipping charges paid under ILL shall be borne by the requesting user.

• The arrival time of the borrowed book varies according to the institution sending the book and the time spent in the cargo.

• Our requesting user is deemed to have accepted to use the book and return it within the requested period without infringing copyright.

• It is very important that the books brought under ILL are delivered to the requested library on time. If it is delayed, the relevant library evaluates the matter not as an individual but as an institution and no further book requests are sent.

• Books that have expired should be delivered to our Library at least three days before the deadline.

• If the book is not returned on time or lost, the rules of the library from which the publication was borrowed apply.

Process of Obtaining and Lending Documents Related to Articles and Books Requested by Other Universities and Research Libraries from Our Library


• Interlibrary loan (ILL) is available to university and research libraries.

• Selçuk University Library accepts book and article requests via KİTS (ANKOS Interlibrary Cooperation Tracking System).

• University and research libraries can borrow 10 books for 1 month.

• The period of the borrowed books can be extended 1 time if there is no other person. The extension is approved by the authorized librarian.

• A fine of 0.50 TL per day is charged for the books returned late. Requests from the library with overdue books are not processed.

• Requested books are sent by cargo. The books that need to be returned to our library should also be delivered by cargo. All expenses related to the cargo belong to the library that made the request.

• Journals, advisory resources, rare works, short-term lending (reserve) and multimedia materials are not borrowed.

For any questions and requests regarding these issues, you can send e-mail to Turkey:.
Document Supply


Only Selçuk University Academic Staff can benefit from the service.


• Articles, books and theses (for books and theses; contents, bibliography, abstract and a section to be selected) can be requested. Copyrights of all resources cannot be copied by copyright.

• Our users are required to come to the library or fill the Article request form over the internet.

• For document requests, photocopy and postage / shipping costs are paid by the requesting user.

• In the case of requests from abroad, the costs of providing documents and copyrights determined by the relevant institutions are covered by the requesting user.

• 10 article requests are met at the same time for one user.

• The deadline for submitting applications varies depending on the library's policy of providing documents.