Lending services are provided on the ground floor of the library. Membership, borrowing / disbursing and dismissal transactions are performed from this unit. Users who are not members of the university cannot benefit from the loan service; however, they can review publications within the library and benefit from paid photocopying services. Lending service; from 8.30 to 19.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 17.00 on weekends.

1. Academic and administrative staff and all students can apply for membership with their university ID cards.

2. Membership is done only once.

3. There is no fee for membership registration.

4. The right to membership continues until the university is dismissed.



1. Every user who wishes to disconnect from the university must obtain a book (s) from the library and a document indicating that there is no fine.



1. Undergraduate students have 3 books for 15 days,

2. 5 books for 15 days for master and PhD students,

3. Academic staff 10 books for 30 days,

4. Administrative staff can borrow 3 books for 15 days.

5. The borrowed books can be followed on the web.

6. Periods of borrowed publications cannot be extended;

7. A fine of 10 cents a day is charged for each publication that is not returned on the day.

8. For each delayed book, the user places 1 penalty point on the user's digit, the memberships of the users who fill out the 100 penalty points are canceled (blocked) and no books are borrowed.

9. Magazines, newspapers, rare works, theses, advisory resources and audiovisual materials cannot be borrowed.

10. For each lost book; For books that do not continue to be printed or not available in the market, 50% of the market value is charged by adding a fee. If it is available, the last edition of the same book should be provided.

11. Borrowing cannot be done with the identity of another person.

12. The materials in the library are protected by an electronic security system. Material cannot be taken out of the library without permission. Legal action shall be taken against those who attempt to remove unauthorized material.