Publication Donation
Material Not Included in the Collection


For books


• Copied sources (photocopy, etc.)

• Physically damaged resources

• Resources that do not comply with the curriculum

• Guide, brochure, introductory booklet, etc. publications


For Periodicals


• Separate editions of journals and articles

• Newspapers

• Physically damaged resources

• Periodicals without discontinuity

For Rare Works


• Copied resources

• Works younger than 75 years


For audiovisual material


• Resources that do not comply with the curriculum


Considerations in material selection:


• The publication date of the publications other than the Social Sciences subject belongs to the last 5 years

• Ensuring the continuity of periodical publications

• One copy of the material other than the textbook

• At least 3 copies of Selçuk University publications


Donations may not be requested from the collection in a separate section or on a separate shelf.