SELCUK UNIVERSITY

 Library Directive




Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions

Purpose and Scope


Article 1- (1) This Directive defines the definition, organization and duties, powers and working principles of Selcuk University Library and Documentation Department and its affiliated libraries.

Article 2- (1) This directive covers all libraries within Selçuk University.



Article 3- (1) In this Directive;


a) Unit Libraries; The libraries of Faculties, Institutes and Higher Schools of Selçuk University


b) Head of Department; Library and Documentation Department,

c) Branch Office; The management unit affiliated to the Presidency,


ç) Material; All kinds of materials that can be used in libraries,

d) University; Selcuk University.


e) the Senate; Refers to the Senate of Selçuk University.





Establishment Objectives

Article 4- (1) Libraries are the institutions established and providing services to support the education and research activities of the University and to meet the information and document needs required.

(2) To realize this aim, University Libraries;

a)  Provides all necessary information and documents,

b)  Arrange the information and documents provided for the use of all researchers, university students and employees,

c) Provides internal and external services to address the users at all levels in order to ensure the best use of available information sources,

ç)  University Librarianship departments help students to carry out mandatory application and internship programs.



Article 5- (1)  It is essential that the Library services at the University are organized and executed within a single central Library framework.

(2) A library of connected units can be established for other campuses outside the settlement area where the central campus is located.

(3) Separate libraries cannot be set up for departments and units at lower levels.






Article 6- (1) University library services are organized and executed by the Department, Branch Directorates and Unit Library Managers within the framework of this Directive. Libraries established in accordance with Article 5 of this Directive serve under the supervision and supervision of the Department.



Article 7- (1) Library services are carried out by the following bodies;

a) Department of Library and Documentation

b) Branch Office

c) Department of Library Management

Head of Library and Documentation Department

Article- (1) The main duties and authorities of Selçuk University Library Documentation Department are;

a) To provide adequate staff for the library services to be carried out without interruption, to perform general training and supervision duties on the division of labor and personnel,

b) To prepare the budget of the Presidency and to present it to the Rectorate in the budget of the Presidency, considering the needs of its affiliated units according to the suggestions received from the Branch Directorate,

c) To ensure that the procurement transactions are carried out in a balanced manner between the central and affiliated units in line with the University's development policy.

ç) To follow the developments in the field of librarianship and to make studies for the entry of new technologies into the library,

d) To ensure the standardization and supervision of technical and reader services,

e)To ensure the coordination and cooperation of the central and unit libraries and to open vocational courses and to organize training programs for this purpose,

f) Bibliography, thesis catalog, etc. to facilitate scientific research by publishing publications,

g) To prepare a detailed activity report on Library and Documentation services and submit it to the Rectorate at the end of the year,

ğ) Carrying out other activities required by library services within the scope of this regulation,


Branch Manager

Article 9- (1) The Branch Manager is preferably appointed from among those who have been trained in librarianship. Duties and powers are as follows;

a) It specifies the internal directive determining the workflow and service units of the library and any changes to this directive from time to time; after the approval of the Presidency,

b) Arranges cataloging and classification works and ensures regular operations,

c) Organizes the organization and operations of publication works of the Presidency and its affiliated units,

ç) Takes the precautions related to the placement works, maintenance and protection of the collection,

d) Ensures that the beneficiary inside or outside the library is made according to the time required to keep the library open,

e) In the university, master, doctorate etc. completes the process by collecting one copy of the research texts,

f) Performs regular and continuous placement and utilization services between reading rooms, warehouse and lending department,

g) It prepares an annual report on the library's works and related requests in the future and submits it to the Head of Department.

Unit Library Management and Duties


Article 10- (1)  Unit Libraries perform the following tasks, preferably under the direction of a manager to be appointed from among those trained in Librarianship;

a) To carry out the services to be provided in the libraries within the framework of the arrangements made by the unit manager,

b)  Informing the department manager of the tools and equipment needed by their libraries and any other library materials,

c)  To submit the annual report to be prepared in December each year to the department manager,

ç) To carry out other activities required by library services within the scope of this Regulation..




Article 11 – (1) Library services are divided into “Technical Services” and “Reader Services ;

Technical services

Article 12- (1) All the works of the library material (books, periodicals, dissertations, brochures, audiovisual equipment, etc.) from selection to presentation to the reader,

Article 13- (1) Technical Services  forming services;

a) Provisioning Service: Selecting, buying, donating and exchanging to create and develop books and similar collections that will support university education and assist in research.

b) Cataloging and Classification Service: To sort the books and other materials provided to the library according to the most appropriate system, to make them available to the readers and to ensure that they are always available for use.

c) Periodicals Service: To make selection and development of the Periodical Collection, to provide publications through purchase donations and exchanges and to make them available for use in a certain order,

All of the works listed in items a, b and c are carried out by specialized librarians and other authorities.

ç) Binding and Repair Service: This is the service where the repair and binding of the information sources is done.

Binding operations are performed by the binding workshop.



Reader Services

Article 14- (1) They are the services that enable readers to make the most efficient use of information sources and libraries.

Article 15- (1) Reader services include:

a) Advisory Service: It is a service that promotes library collection and usage to readers inside and outside the University. The service is responsible for organizing in-service training programs and bibliography scans, announcing new publications to readers and conducting information services to help use library materials. These services are provided by specialized librarians and other authorities.

b)Lending Service: It is the service that is responsible for ensuring the circulation of library collection in and out of the library and exchanging resources between libraries (if necessary, from abroad).

c) Visual and Audio Services Service: It is the service that is responsible for selecting, producing, reproducing, providing, providing and maintaining the service in a certain order.

ç) Photocopy Service: This is the service that is responsible for the photocopying of the library material.

d) Electronic Music Library Service: It is a service that provides the provision of music works in electronic environment and arranges them for the users.




Article 16- (1) University members, students and outside researchers can benefit from the libraries. As a requirement of cooperation between universities, libraries are open to the benefit of faculty and students from other universities. But external researchers and faculty members from other universities can only borrow materials from our libraries through their own libraries:


Principles of Lending

a) Academic staff, maximum 10 books for one month, administrative staff maximum 3 books for 15 days, doctorate, master's, undergraduate, associate degree students can take a maximum of 3 books for 15 days,

b) The returned book will not be lent again within that day,

c) If necessary, the Department may request the materials to be returned to the readers before the loan period expires..


Obligations of the Borrower​​​​​​​

Article 17- (1) The person who borrows any material from the library is obliged to use it carefully and to return it at the latest at the end of the loan period. For those who do not fulfill these obligations, this Regulation and its related provisions shall apply.


Non-Borrowed Books and Other Materials

Article 18- (1) The following library materials cannot be borrowed.

a) Application Works, (dictionary encyclopedia, index, etc.)

b) Reserved Books,

c) Periodicals,

ç) Theses

d) Atlas, maps and slides,

e) Music notes,

f) Collection pieces, artistic materials and so on.,

g) Writing and rare printed works,

ğ) Other materials determined by the Department upon the suggestions of the affiliated library units,

(2) Readers may only use such materials in the library and, where necessary, under the supervision of an official..

Gününde İade Edilmeyen Kitap ve Materyal

Article 19- (1) Ödünç alınan materyalin geciktirilmesi durumunda:

a) Ödünç aldığı kitap ve diğer materyali en geç ödünç verme süresi sonunda iade etmeyen kişiden, başka hiçbir işleme gerek bulunmaksızın, süre sonunu izleyen günden itibaren geçen her gün için para cezası alınır,

b) Üniversite mensuplarına uygulanan kitap kaybetme cezası aylıklarından kesilir. Yıl içinde uygulanacak yıllık ceza miktarı her yıl daire başkanlığı önerisiyle rektör tarafından belirlenir,

c) Geciktirilen her kitap için kullanıcının hanesine 1 ceza puanı işlenir, 100 ceza puanını dolduran kullanıcıların üyelikleri bloke olur,

ç) Gecikme cezası belirli bir limiti aştığı takdirde sistem uyarı verir, kullanıcı kitap alamaz.

Yıpratılan ve Kaybedilen Materyaller

Article 20- (1) Ödünç alınan materyalin yıpratılması ve kaybedilmesi durumunda:

a) Yıpratılan ve ya kaybedilen kütüphane materyali öncelikle piyasadan aynen temin ettirilir,

b) Bunun mümkün olmadığının belgelenmesi halinde; materyalin Değer Takdir Komisyonunca belirlenen değeri ödettirilir. Ayrıca tahakkuk eden gecikme cezası alınır,

c) Materyal kaybından dolayı tahsil edilecek miktar Selçuk Üniversitesi Gelir Bütçesine irat kaydedilir.



Article 21- (1) Değer takdir komisyonu okuyucuların kaybettikleri kitap ve diğer materyalin günün rayiç değerleri göz önüne alınarak değerinin takdir edilmesi ve bu değerin Üniversite Gelir Bütçesine aktarılması konusunda Rektörün tespit edeceği en az 3 kişiden oluşur.

(2) Değer takdir Komisyonu zayi olan kitap ve diğer materyalin değerinin tespitinde piyasa araştırması yapar, basılmış bütün yayınlar dahil her türlü bilgi içeren Books in Print, Serials Director ve Yayınevleri kataloglarını inceler, bu materyalin hacmi cilt bedeli kağıt kalitesi, ulaşım masrafları, paranın zaman içerisinde değer kaybı, antika ve sanatsal değerleri, nadir eser olup olmadığı gibi hususları göz önünde bulundurarak değer tespitinde bulunur. Değer Takdir Komisyonunun kararı ile amirinin onayına sunulur.

(3) Değer takdir Komisyonu Kütüphanemize bağış yoluyla gelen ve fiyatı belli olmayan materyalin değerini demirbaş kayıtlarına geçirmek üzere tespit eder.

İlişik Kesme

Article 22- (1) Üniversite mensuplarının ve öğrencilerinin kurumdan ayrılmadan önce kütüphane ile ilişkilerinin olmadığına dair belge almaları gereklidir.



Article 23- (1) Bu yönerge Senatonun kabul ettiği tarihte yürürlüğe girer.


Article 24- (1) Bu Yönerge hükümlerini Selçuk Üniversitesi Rektörü yürütür.

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