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The journal's peer-reviewed Journal of Vocational School of Social Sciences 3 Akşehir allowed for the number of the article continues.

Journal of Social Sciences, Selcuk University, School of Social Sciences in the field of vocational Akşehir prepare a printed publication in academic, peer-reviewed journal study. Social Sciences Public Administration, Economics, Management, Econometrics, Accounting and Finance, International Relations studies related to the fields in the structure of the peer-reviewed journal aims to achieve competence in the field of creating a quality and efficiency. Examine the theoretical and analytical magazine, as well as books in the original studies are presented.

Journal of Social Sciences Social Sciences aims to improve academic perspective within the framework of the evaluation of the developments. We also contribute to the literature of Social Sciences in Turkey and among the main objectives of this topic to fill the gap. This is to be achieved by means of, scientific studies and prepare the ground for the academic community, as well as the exchange of views is to provide Social Sciences.

Journal of Social Sciences persistence without compromising on quality and trust that appeal to domestic and international public opinion, setting out new ideas and insights, decision-making workers and practitioners to have a structure that can reference every step and a desire to grow up.

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