Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Sibel YAVRU

Erasmus Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nermin IŞIK

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Ertan ORUÇ

Mevlana Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. M.Selçuk ALATAŞ

ECTS Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Gürkan UÇAR

About :

Our department consists of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Parasitology, Pathology, Virology and Microbiology. In our department, our students are taught basic knowledge, modern techniques and methods to gain a rational and analytical thought and ability in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Current knowledge and competencies are gained in the fields of correct drug use, disease agents, preventive medicine, environment and public health, poisoning, native diagnosis and treatment. In addition, services are provided to diagnose and treat diseases at regional and country level, and new information and technologies are aimed to be developed for diagnosis and treatment.