Head of Department : Prof. Şebnem ASLAN

Erasmus Coordinator : Associate Prof. Mehmet YORULMAZ

Farabi Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Fatma Özlem YILMAZ

Mevlana Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Emel FİLİZ

ECTS Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Emel FİLİZ

Bologna Coordinator :

Vision :

Health system of Turkey to the development of a strong and constructive influence, in teaching and scientific research and development to encourage, todays requirements and in line future projections, with the undergraduate teaching programs to universal values and based on the contemporary information form continuously improve, the health management in the area of respect and safely cited leading a unit is to be.

Mission :

With Universal prequalified education system, with research and problem-solving skills, capable of continuous self-improvement and aims to train health managers working for the benefit of society.

Purpose :

Our department needed undergraduate and graduate education programs health with sector at all levels of personality and identity of the advanced, self-confident, country and the world better recognize, modern and universal values adopted, researching and questioning your health care provider will manage the knowledge, skills and the ideal of a foreign good level of language use, production-oriented with an entrepreneurial spirit, communication and leadership skills developed, necessary for the profession of principles, concepts, armed with the knowledge and skills of highly qualified professionals, health managers raising purposes.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Department of Health Care Management undergraduate is a four-year education.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Health Care Management Department placed according to the students admitted to the department and records maintained for the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) conducted by the first stage, examination of the higher education institutions (YKS) is successful, the second stage, the field proficiency test (AYT) TM score.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Which students come to from horizontal and vertical transitions before they are successful in their undergraduate and graduate courses with the decision of the board of directors will be able to exempt to program.

Graduation Requirements :

A student is required to successfully complete the designated program of courses, successful completion of the internship and graduation projected weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

The university and the faculty has determined measurement and assessment criteria are valid required for one semester a midterm and a final exam provided that, can be consideration assignments, research or assemblies, such as work related course by Instructor. In computing midterm exam grade is 40%, 60% final exam is effective. Taken decision evaluation is carried out in accordance with Practice Guidelines for the period Summer and 8. Semester Internship. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

They can work in government, private and university hospitals. They can work in institutions under the Ministry of Health. Relevant institutions and organizations can provide consulting services in. they can provide consultancy services in the relevant institutions and organizations. They can serve as full-or part-time instructor in state and private universities to the board of Higher Education. Students who graduate of institutes and departments concerned in accordance with terms of reference are available opportunities to participate in Masters and doktoral programs.

Access to Further Studies :

Completing the program and Ales and sufficient knowledge of foreign language graduates with can apply to a variety masters and doctorate degree programs. Masters and Doctoral programs are available in our department.