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 Our library, which supports traditional library services with the latest technological developments; aims to create the infrastructure of education and training activities and scientific research and development studies by meeting the information needs of the users in the shortest time and at the maximum level.

Selçuk University Central Library was founded in 1977 when the scientist Hamdi Ragıp ATADEMİR donated around 26 thousand volumes to our university. Due to its valuable contributions, the University Library with the decision of the Senate dated 13.10.1977 and numbered 77/38; It was named “Atademir Library”. Atademir Library first started to serve in a shed in the garden of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Zindankale district in the city center in 1978. Atademir Library, which has been serving in the shed for many years, moved to the lodgings in 1998 as the building was not completed after the faculties moved to the campus. The central library building, the construction of which was completed in 1999, started to serve the users under the name of Selcuk University Central Library since 2000.
Our Central Library, located in Alaeddin Keykubat Campus, has been providing service to its users 7 days and 24 hours during the education period with its 8000 square meter area and 726 seating capacity since 2000.
For the publications that are not in the Central Library collection, through the "Collaboration Between Libraries", the instructors are provided with access to the publications they need by providing documents from domestic and foreign libraries (by bringing borrowed books and articles).
Orientation programs are organized at the beginning of each academic year in order to introduce library services and information resources to new students.


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Our library has 6 (six) study rooms, 2 (two) group study rooms, 12 (twelve) scanning kiosks and a computer laboratory for 25 (twenty five) people. The Central Library uses an average of 3000-3500 people daily.
Library collection, all of its software has been transferred to Selcuk University Library Automation Program, which is made by our university staff, and it can be accessed from the library and on the web page of our university at http://www.kutuphane.selcuk.edu.tr.