Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÖKÜŞ

Erasmus Coordinator : Arş. Gör. Tuğçe SANCI

Farabi Coordinator : Arş. Gör. Rukiye Betül ÖZDEMİR

Mevlana Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Vasviye Özlem AKGÜN

ECTS Coordinator : Arş. Gör. Umut YAVUZ

About :

               International trade is becoming increasingly complex due to globalizing economic relations and requires expertise. Businesses need experts with sufficient knowledge and competence in areas such as documents used in foreign trade, foreign trade financing and logistics, who can carry out transactions and applications related to import and export. The Department of International Trade and Finance, which aims to contribute to this need, is an education program that provides education at the undergraduate level. In order to be successful in global competition, the department primarily aims at a joint education with the related fields of management sciences, economics and social sciences and other disciplines. The Department of International Trade and Finance aims to discover the talents of students and use them for the development of the country and business life. A total of 7 faculty members and staff, including 1 Professor, 3 Doctor Lecturers and 3 Research Assistants, work in the department. Supporting the social development of students and making them successful in business life as an innovative and entrepreneur with effective communication skills is among its primary goals. The department is based on the effective use of information technologies and industry-university cooperation with an innovative and competitive approach. It aims for the graduates of the department to enter the sector in an integrated manner with the region and the world.