About :

Our faculty was established as one of the faculties of Selcuk University on April 11, 1975 and numbered 1873. Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Physics Engineering, Geological Engineering and Chemical Engineering Departments opened in 1976-1977 academic year. In 1982, engineering departments were connected to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in accordance with the regulations of Higher Education. It was merged with the Faculty of Letters under the Law on Organization of Higher Education Institutions dated 28 March 1983 and numbered 2809. Physics and Chemistry Departments were opened in 1984. In 1997, the Department of Statistics was opened. In 2005, a double-degree Biochemistry (Elective Chemistry) Department was opened with MontanaState University (USA). Until 03.12.2008, it continued to exist under the name of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Faculty of Science was separated by the Decree Law no. 2008/14344 dated 10.11.2008 and published in the Official Gazette dated 03.12.2008 and numbered 27073. Today, Biology, Biotechnology, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics departments, including 6 continue education. Furthermore, we have Actuarial and Biochemistry departments which will be accepted by YÖK in the next academic year. 1225 students, 151 academic staff, 56 administrative staff continue education and research activities. In addition, Montana State University (USA) with the joint double-degree Biochemistry (Elective Chemistry) continues education in the Department.

Mission :

Basic science in the field of knowledge and technologies to produce the modern science of our country, the principles and functioning of the country, understanding the problem-solving methods, connecting the sciences and other areas of life, constantly changing and developing, understanding and adopting the importance of science in the world, to offer the experience to the benefit of our country and the community to educate individuals who have a duty.

Vision :

The aim of this course is to educate qualified individuals for the future of our country by using science and technology in the light of universal values in the light of universal values and to carry out educational activities in the field of research and service.