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SUYOS-2021 Application

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Coordinationship of Foreign Student Selection Exam
05 April 2021 14:30

SUYOS- 2021 (Foreign Students Replacement Exam) for 2021-2022 Academic Year is about to be carried out on 3rd July at 10.00 (at local time). Applications for the 2021 SUYOS exams will be conducted online between 5th April 2021 and 7th May 2021. Applications are only accepted online. Applicants in Turkey and abroad are supposed to fill application forms online on the online application system on the website of Selcuk University Coordinatorship of Foreign Students Selection Exam between the specified dates. For details and information about SUYOS 2021 exams, look at the application guide.

Click on SUYOS-2021 Online Application System .

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