About Yöksis Information Update (About Mediation Exam)

08 October 2019 18:04


Selçuk University Faculty of Law 2003 and 2019 Graduates are registered in YÖKSİS information system.


Some of the graduates of Selçuk University Faculty of Law in 1984-2003 may not be in YÖKSİS information system.

You can query your information from the graduates of higher education institutions via e-government.

Students who have graduated from our faculty and who do not appear to have graduated from YÖKSİS (or e-government & rsquote) are required to fill in the form on the link and send it to faksa or hukuk@selcuk.edu.tr e-mail address (0332) 241 01 05.
Information entry and updates may be delayed due to transaction density. Therefore, it is very important that you do not call too intensely by phone. After a day of e-government to (from turkiye.gov.t address) we need to check your information.
Education information e-government ta (in turkiye.gov.t address) is fitted, but SSPC Candidate Operations System found not candidates Operations Training in the Education portion in the System Information my e-School / YÖKSİS skin, you need to press the Update button.