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Broadcasting Unit

When we started in 1998, we were Turkey's most dynamic, exciting, productive, disciplined and most importantly the youngest publishing team. 19 years have passed. Technology in broadcasting has changed and so have we, practices have changed and so have we, but the one thing that has not changed is that we are the most dynamic and youngest broadcasting team in Turkey.

From the studio cameraman to the VTR operator, from the soundman to the KJ operator, from the lighting chief to the studio chief, from the picture selector to the director,  all of these were our fellow students with a glimmer of hope in their eyes, a love for their profession in their hearts and discipline in their side.

Dozens of our friends, whom we provided practical vocational training for the sector and trained as qualified personnel with our technical infrastructure and the principle of responsible broadcasting, are still working as distinguished members of the giant media organizations in Turkey. This education process, which started 13 years ago, continues successfully.


Editing Unit

ÜNTV Editing Unit, which follows the constantly developing technology every period, provides service with a total of 10 editing sets, including 5 Final Cut Pro, 1 DPS Velocity, 7 Grass Valley Edius Editing systems.

ÜNTV editing unit, which is one of the important units of young dynamic television, which constantly develops and renews itself; With a team of 15 people, it prepares more than 30 television programs of all formats broadcast weekly with great care.

Under the management of a team of experts in their fields, UNTV editing unit, which works and produces 24 hours a day and acts with the awareness of being an exemplary team with its productions, proudly puts its signature on visual productions such as all kinds of commercials, promotional films, short films and documentaries as well as editing television programs.

Each employee working in the unit takes part in the editing unit after theoretical and practical trainings such as broadcasting, cameraman, light and sound. Each editing operator, who has been working in this tradition for years, is able to discover his/her own visual style and produce higher quality productions.

This young team, consisting mainly of students from the Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Cinema and Television, acts with the awareness of editing their own future while editing the programs broadcast on ÜNTV throughout their university life.


Technical Unit

Our team with the knowledge, skills and attitude that fulfills the requirements of this profession above acceptable standards for the sector has the chance to work in elite media organizations.

Our team, who are qualified and can fulfill the requirements of the profession perfectly, are trained with the concern of aesthetics and visual integrity; specializes in broadcasting and actual camera. Our teammates, who have the knowledge and skills to carry out the pre-production and post-production stages individually or as a team, have all the necessary qualifications for employment in the labor market.

13 years ago, we were a brand new, productive and hardworking technical team in Turkey. During the time that has passed, we have developed with the great changes and developments in technology, our equipment has changed, our systems have changed, we have changed and developed, but what has not changed is that we are the youngest and most active technical team in Turkey.


News Unit:

Within the scope of TV broadcasting, the news bulletins prepared by the students assigned in the news center with their active participation as reporters and cameramen are delivered to the people of Konya every hour with the presentation of student announcers. All of the reporters, editors, cameramen and announcers actively involved in the news center are students.


Program Unit:

Since 2006, many programs have been produced with the participation of students from the Faculty of Communication, students from other faculties and faculty members in order to train qualified media workers in the field of television program production. Currently, Ün TV has a total of 30 internal productions, 7 of which are live broadcasts.

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