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In the Broadcasting Unit, the students who take part in live broadcasts starting at 8:00 am and ending at 00:00 pm prepare the broadcasts in the form of packages for the remaining time until 08:00 am with the on-call system after 00:00 pm. From 08.00 a.m. onwards, the broadcaster changes in 2-hour periods. In the Production Unit, our students do internship with a shift system.
During the broadcasting period, there are 8 broadcasting segments on weekdays and 7 on weekends. There are programs with a music format on weekdays and programs with different content on weekends. On the weekend, the "On Air Play Chart" program, which counts down the top 30 songs of the week, the poetry program "Son Perde", the "Unutulmayanlar" program, which includes unforgettable hits, the "Once Upon A Time Music" program, which includes the most popular songs of the 80s and 90s, and the "Announce Your Own Song" program, which includes request announcements recorded on campus with a voice recorder.
In addition, package fillings prepared in the Production Unit are broadcast throughout the week. Top 5, which includes the top 5 albums of the week, the 5 best-selling books, the 5 best-selling books, the new movies released in theaters, and the 5 most played songs of the week, are prepared as top 5 fillers and broadcast periodically.
Again during this period, a news team was established and this team received training at the ÜNTV News Unit. News bulletins are prepared periodically by our students whose training is completed. Our news bulletins are packaged or live according to the course status of our students.
The tracks used in the broadcasts at Radio University are produced by the assigned music directors, the follow-up of the "" address is carried out by the site administrators, our facebook and twitter pages are managed by the Social Media Team, and the effects, jingles and editing processes used in the broadcasts are carried out by the Production Unit.

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