Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Ali TOPAL

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Fikret AKINERDEM

Farabi Coordinator: Dr. Emine ATALAY

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖNDER

Purpose: In the department, conclusions which is obtained by researching as basic and practical contribute to development of agriculture by transferring to both the students and farmers of our country.as well as education which is taught subjects of adaptation, growing techniques, species development and product evaluation to do with Field Crops Department.

Vision: The department of field crops is largely representing the plant production in Turkey. During the undergraduate education being the most important department which tends to supporting the theory with practice, produce knowledge, turning into the knowledge that was produced the benefits for social and economic areas, sensitive to the environment, keep biodiversity and natural resources, provide every kind of technical knowledge to private and public corporations, have a good relationship with the local community and the farmers, produce national and international projects.

Mission: Field crops department is developing the outstanding yield and quality plants by using biotechnology and breeding. While increasing the yield of products regard with planning the tem which is protect the environment, sustainable plant growing manage tems and out of farming ecotems.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Aims of the department are as fallowing: Education in modern standards, teaching and research, feasibility in practice, providing research and being researcher, collaboration in terms of International and National grades, improvement of high technologic developments, leading to private companies. Department is composed of 2 main branch of science breeding of field crops and farming and grassland forage. Academic staff of department is making individual projects about the science of framing and also making other projects which are essential for Turkish Agriculture. In addition to that academic staff has a good relationship with industrial companies and the farmers. Majorly they are working on growing field crops and plant breeding. The internet and computer network generalized to provide a database which includes the latest technological advancements and the latest information as well. Local trips and overseas trips are also taking a place in the social activities. Close relationships between students is continue during the educational terms and after the graduation it makes a good starts for several things. After the graduation a big try is shown to solve finding job for our students and solve technical problems whichever our students are face off. With the intend of contribute to provide healthy and adequate nutrition for people of our country, the rules of growing crops and breeding will be introduced how to make sustainable agriculture and get healthy, qualified and high yield products in the ecological conditions of Middle Anatolia. While doing this the most important point is determining our plans according to the global warming.

Admissions Requirements: Acceptance the matriculation, exams and assessment is done in regard to High Education Law and High Education Board Rules and regulations which is basis from High Education Law. Transition from secondary education to higher education consist from 2-staged exam tem is implemented. The exams been progressed by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM). The information about the exam can be reached from http://www.osym.gov.tr. The first stage of the exam tem is just one exam called Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS). YGS is the exam that the ones who is subjected to and needs to finish secondary education and wants to have higher education. This examination is measuring the sufficiency for the higher education. The candidates deserve the second stage exam called LYS, if they get 180 points and over it one of YGS points. The candidates who get 180 points and over it from LYS they have a right to choose undergraduate programs.

Recognition of Prior Learning: The student who passed as vertical or horizontal position from another High Education Program are exempted from the classes which they were successful in their previous education In addition an exemption exam for the English, German and another languages are held at the ning of the each academic term. The students, who are thought that they provide qualifications, can enter the exams. Students who get successful they exempt from the lessons in the curriculum.

Graduation Requirements: In terms of the high education sufficiency and credit range which were determined by The High Education Board, totally needs to being successful all the lessons with 240 AKTS and having at least 2.00 cumulative grade point average from 4.00 and obtain to present job-training, seminar, research project successfully.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The mentioned principles for each course in the program had been defined elaborately in the Course Education Plan. The evaluations for exams are conducted according to the 13th cause of "Selcuk University Education and Training Regulations". The success of a student over a course is determined and represented as a letter grade by the instructor after the final and make-up exams as follows: the letter grade equivalent to a total of 40% of mid-term exams and 60% of final/make-up exams. It is required to get a total of points in exams equal to at least "CC" for a student to gain a successful degree in the course. For applied courses, those who are evaluated as unsuccessful in their final practice exams fail in the course and get "F" (irregular) regardless of their mid-term exams and their performances in semester activities.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates from this program can find job in Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, agricultural corporations, crop processing companies (cereals, sugar, production conserve, tomato paste, tobacco, tea, flour, farina, bulghur, pasta, oven etc.) herbal drugs, manure, producing and selling agricultural equipments and machinery, landscaping and in the last years huge companies overall Turkey and the world can be employed.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The candidates who finish undergraduate education successfully can have post graduate education in their area or related areas but the candidates have to get a suitable score from the ALES exam.