Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Nuh UĞURLU

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Dr. Sinan SÜHERİ

Farabi Coordinator: Dr. Duran YAVUZ

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selda Uzal SEYFİ

Purpose: Farm buildings and Irrigation department under agricultural engineering provides undergraduate and graduate education. To become the main topic of the consideration of efficient irrigation methods in Turkey and significance of Agricultural irrigation have importance in terms of saving fresh water resources. Therefore, education and scientific research concerning farm structure and irrigation is one of the priority issues. The one of university educations main objectives is to offer solutions for local problems where university is located.

Vision: Education in Farm Buildings and Irrigation has been performed under the Agricultural Engineering Degree at Faculty of Agriculture for a long time in Turkey. Although the name of the department changed such as Culturtechnique or Farm Buildings and Irrigation in some periods, education program has been same. Education in such field has been performed under the Agricultural Engineering Title in both Turkey and through the World. Fresh water resources in the World are limited and higher consumption and contamination of those resources have resulted efficient management policies for those resources. About 40 countries in the World suffer from the deficiencies of fresh water resources. In near future, such problem will be more dramatic. National, international organizations and education programs solving that problem are seen the priority issues. World Water Form 2009 was held in Istanbul and this is an indicator how such problem is important for Turkey. Reliable scenarios about efficient water use are based on the scientific studies and technological advents. There are serious academic studies about this subject and new technologies have been developed in Turkey. Availability of graduate education in our department, graduated students about farm buildings and irrigation subject and increments in academic studies will solve the agricultural problems in Region and they contribute Technologies advents about such issue. Our visions are as follows performing original researches about irrigation and farm buildings, high level education with creative activities, reliability in both Turkey and in the World, production of guide and reaching up to the modern Country level in the World.

Mission: The main mission of the department is to train students about farm buildings and irrigation and to provide services to national agriculture and university by conducting efficient and applicable researches in the field. The department is a place where sed and productive academicians are kept together. The main focus of the department is to enhance and to sustain natural resources by combining basic biological and engineering science to develop efficient and useful environmental and biologic tems. The department aim is to train student who has a good communications, equipped with scientific and technological knowledge.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Farm Buildings and Irrigation program has the responsibly of designing animal houses by considering the environment and education and applications of how to use water efficiently in agriculture especially in water scant regions. It has performed very qualified education systems in Drainage, Land Consolidation, Soil and Water Conservation Techniques, Water Harvesting, Water Quality, Land Leveling, Agro-Hydrology.

Admissions Requirements: The students having requirements of procedures d by Turkish Higher Education Council are accepted and registered to do Farm Structures and Irrigation Department.

Recognition of Prior Learning: If lessons with contents and credits are same for students who studied formerly at Faculty or Vocational Schools, their Exemption from those lessons are performed by `Leading Rules of Faculty and Vocational Schools, Higher Education Institution.

Graduation Requirements: To complete program with successfully, total 142 (240 ECTS) credits of lessons from Optional and Compulsory Models, minimum 2.00 point average out of 4.00, and successfully completed 45 working days training about their branches after 6 th Education Semester is required.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: After the Final/ Make Up Exams, student success is evaluated by responsible Lecture giving some letters for them, adding 40% from the Mid-Term exam and 60% of the Final/ Make-Up Exam. To be success in any lesson for student, the letter score of the student must be at least CC. Lectures may reduce such point ranges. Different letters are not allowed to the students having same point.

Employment Opportunities: In Public Sectors, The ministry of Agriculture and Rural affairs, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, General Directorate for Rural Services, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, The Municipalities, The Irrigation Cooperatives, The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, In Private Sectors, Irrigation Companies, Irrigation equipment Producer Companies, Greenhouse Building Companies, All Agricultural Companies.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: If the students, completing License / Faculty education successfully, take the pass scores from the Exam namely ALES, they can educate at higher Institutes such as Institute of Natural and Applied Science in their subjects or related subjects.