Agricultural Machineries and Tecnologies Engineering
Agricultural Machineries and Tecnologies Engineering
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Kazım ÇARMAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakan SONMETE

Farabi Coordinator: Assist Prof Dr. Ali Yavuz ŞEFLEK

Mevlana Coordinator Assist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakan SONMETE

ECTS Coordinator: Assist Prof Dr. Ali Yavuz ŞEFLEK

Purpose: Agricultural Machinery Department was established in 1983 and is consist of two main subsections as Agricultural Machinery and Energy Using in agriculture. There are 8 professors, 1 associate professor, 6 research assistant and 1 teaching assistant in the department.The application workshops and laboratory of the department are engine and electrification application workshop, mechanic technology workshop, trailer test device, soil canal test device, agricultural machinery test laboratory, irrigation pumps test laboratory, crop drying laboratory, hydraulic and pneumatic laboratory and biological material test laboratory. The aim of the department is educating qualified engineers at undergraduate and graduate level for designing, developing, ing and management of Agricultural Machinery. Furthermore, making experimental analysis of agricultural machines according to international standards and organizing national and international congress are the activities of the department.

Vision: Always providing to be a student of Selcuk University Agricultural Machinery Department preferable and contributing to national development with producted new information and technologies is the vision of the department.

Mission: To educate agricultural engineers that equipped with enough knowledge of agriculture and agricultural technology, can work on design, production, application and R&D activities in agriculture industry, agricultural machinery industry and research institutes, is creative, has tematic approach to problem solving, is sensitive to environment, has social and professional ethical consciousness and responsibility.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The Agricultural Machinery Department was established in 1983 and occured from 2 different branch as Agricultural Machinery and Energy Usege in Agriculture. In the department there are 8 professor, 1 associate proffessor, 1 lecturer, 3 doctor research assistant and 3 research assistant. Also In our department there are engine and electrification application laboratories, mechanical tecnology workshop and different test units of agricultural machineries as agricultural transpoting, soil tillage, drilling, harvesting and irrigation. In the department expert engineers are trained and agricultural machineries are tested according to international standarts.

Admissions Requirements: The students who desire admission to the department should pass the examination by the Student Selection and Placement Center within the legal framework concerning the university.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Student transfer could be occurred between equivalent institutions which are acknowledged by YOK. Courses which will be taken by students who are willing to transfer, are determined after investigation of prior courses which students already took by the relvant exemption commitee. In case of acceptable course contents, students will be admitted, exempted and required courses will be determined.

Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate, the students are required to pass courses worth 130 (+-10) credits (240 AKTS) and complete 45 work days of internship. Furthermore, the minimum CGPA requirement for graduation is set at 2.00.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Final grades contains %40 of mid-term and %60 of final test.

Employment Opportunities: The graduates of the department are employed successfully with the knowledge gained during the undergraduate education at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, various consultancy and industrial firms as well as public agencies to carry out agricultural machinery engineering projects, design and management.

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