Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Kemal Kaan TEKİNŞEN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Ertan ORUÇ

Farabi Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ertan ORUÇ

Mevlana Coordinator Doç. Dr. Selçuk ALATAŞ

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gürkan UÇAR

Purpose: Food Hygiene and Technology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine students food hygiene and technology, milk and dairy products, hygiene and technology, meat and meat products, hygiene and technology, meat inspection and abattoir information, veterinary public health, water hygiene, water products, technology, quality control systems, legislation, information, and pork quality aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge.

Vision: Department of Food Hygiene and Technology plays an important role about teaching and researching about production of safe and quality of animal origin foods from farm to table and reaching the consumers. There is a division within the department with the same name. Aims of the lessons taught by Department of Food Hygiene and Technology are, having a knowledge and teaching of food production technologies, controlling of quality, training of personnel for requirement of food industry and transferring the last developments to the practise, raising awareness of manufacturer and consumer for healty foods. In addition, researches are done about development of the quality of present and new products. There are 5 professor 1 associate professor 3 research assistant for education, training and research activities. There are undergraduate and graduate programmes in our department Obligatory lessons in undergraduate programme Food Hygiene and Technology Veterinary Public Health Meat Inspection and Technology Milk Inspection and Technology Laboratories found in our department Laboratory of Biochemistry Laboratory of microbiology Laboratory of molecular analysis Unit of Research, Practise and Development of Meat and Dairy Products In addition to theoretical lectures, practise of related lessons are given in our laboratories, Unit of Research, Practise and Development of Meat and Dairy Products and slaughterhouses. Also in our department, we are analysing of the source of microbial contamination in meat and dairy products and isolating the microorganisms at different production stages. Investigating of pathogen microorganisms which are potential hazard for human health in meat, milk, poultry, seafood and their products. Analysing the physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic properties, developt the technology and evolving the quality of food.

Mission: To produce healthy and safe food, Develop new food processing techniques and methods,

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Holds an important place in the diet of animal food , from farm to table safe and quality at all stages of the production and delivery to the consumer for the provision of the necessary training and plays an active role in conducting research . Part of an on-site with the same name cited the department is located. Department of Food Hygiene and Technology courses conducted by the technology of food production is known and taught , performing quality controls in the food industry in order to meet the needs of the training staff and be transferred to the field of new developments , raise awareness of healthy food producers and consumers are targeted. In addition, the food industry will contribute to the development of quality of existing products and new products are being made for the development of research . Our department of education and training activities 6 Professor, The academic staff consists of two research assistants carried out. Our department undergraduate and graduate education are Required courses in the undergraduate program Food Hygiene and Technology Veterinary Public Health Meat inspection and Technology Dairy Inspection and Technology Within our department Implementation Units Meat and Dairy Products Research , Development and Implementation Unit Biochemical Analysis Laboratory Microbiological Analysis Laboratory Molecular Analysis Laboratory Of theoretical courses as well as courses related applications in our department Laboratory , Meat and Dairy Products Research and Development Unit and the various abattoirs and slaughterhouses in our realizing . In addition, our department Meat and dairy products for microbial contamination sources to examine the different foods production stages isolation of microorganisms , Meat, dairy products and poultry products for human health and the potential threat of a pathogenic microorganisms ransacked, food, physical, chemical , microbiological and organoleptic quality examination , milk and meat products technology development and for improving the quality of research is being done on many issues .

Admissions Requirements: 1-) The following conditions are required for registration to the Faculty. a-)Being a high school or equivalent school graduate. b-) To be enrolled in the Faculty according to the relevant legislation. c-)To bring documents stated in the OSYM guide for registration. 2-) Candidates who are eligible to register to the faculty must apply for registration in person. However, candidates who cannot apply due to their excuses may register by means of their representatives or legal representatives who have notary power of attorney. 3-) The original of the documents requested for registration or the University approved sample. With regard to military service and criminal record, the procedure is made on the basis of the written statement of the candidate

Recognition of Prior Learning: Transitions between departments and programs of other faculties of the faculty and the university, double major and minor education, the transition between the Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions published in the Official Gazette dated 24/4/2010 and numbered 27561, According to the relevant regulations and Senate decisions.The orientation of the students coming with horizontal and vertical transition is made by the Faculty Administrative Board

Graduation Requirements: To graduate from the faculty of a students educational programs have taken the courses required for graduation and have achieved the prescribed, completed his internship and graduation must be at least 2.00 weighted GPA. Students who have successfully completed all the courses for the first two years of their education (in the first four semesters) of the faculty, are given the associate degree diploma if they wish to leave the Faculty. Applications to obtain an associate degree diploma are not limited to any period.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: After the final / make-up exam of a course, 40% of the students mid-term exams / exams and 60% of the final / make-up exams are taken into consideration, the course is determined by the instructor and the course grade is given as a letter grade. The effect of midterm exams grade point average grade can be increased up to 60% with the decision of the Faculty Board. In order to be successful in a course, the student must have at least CC a letter grade. However, if the student is at least 2.00 as of the semester he / she is studying, DC and DD grades are successful and DC and DD grades are considered to be unsuccessful if they are below 2.00.

Employment Opportunities: Provincial and district animal health directorates of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, Central and Animal Breeding and Production Institutions, Veterinary Control and Research Institute Regional Laboratories, Meat and Fish Institution, Dairy Industry Institution, Yapağı and Tiftik A.Ş., Feed industrial, Municipal, in special slaughterhouses, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) in the Research Laboratory, the army of animal health and food control services, pharmaceutical companies, the private sector farms and animal production based food industry, all public institutions and on the public health and environmental health They can serve in the sales and shelter houses, private races, private animal hospitals and their own clinics.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Upon successful completion of undergraduate education, students can apply for master and doctorate programs.