Selçuk Journal of Applied Mathematics invites you to consider submitting original research papers / critical survey articles for possible publication after peer review.

Selçuk Journal of Applied Mathematics is devoted to various aspects (Hamiltonian Systems, Boundary Value Problems, Variation Analysis, Optimization, Oscillation, Control Theory, Times Scales, Differential Equations, Difference Equations, Dynamic Equations, Time Scales, Oscillation Theory, Boundary Value Problems, The methods of mathematical physics with applications in electromagnetic field theory, Linear and Nonlinear Regression Models, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Computer Programming, Statistical Software, Spectral Graph Theory and its Applications) of applied mathematics.

By the journal policy, a contributor cannot submit more then three papers in two years.

Selçuk Journal of Applied Mathematics is published twice in June and December by Selçuk University Press (Basım Evi) at Campus, 42075 Konya, Turkey.

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Selçuk Journal of Applied Mathematics is comprehensively covered by Zentralblatt MATH, Mathematical Reviews, Directory of Open Acces Journal (DOAJ) and TÜBİTAK–ULAKBİM.

As a final word, we would be grateful if you consider to submit an original research paper or a critical survey article for possible publication in the Selçuk Journal of Applied Mathematics SJAM and to promote our journal among your fellow-workers and colleagues.  
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