Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Gonca KARA GEDİK

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Şerefnur Öztürk

Farabi Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Şerefnur Öztürk

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tülin Çora

Purpose: To provide interactive training in accordance with contemporary, up-to-date information. To provide the students with the ability to access information and use the information sources. To educate physicians who like research, who have the ability of problem solving and communication skills. Gaining the ability to read, interpret and evaluate literature.

Vision: To be a contemporary and respected center in high quality standards taken as a model for education and research in nuclear medicine To educate high quality, modern and leading physicians before and after graduation. The goal is to provide students with basic training in nuclear medicine and to motivate them to continuously improve this knowledge.

Mission: In the light of universal values ??by adding up-to-date and modern knowledge and techniques to our classical knowledge, experience and know-how on nuclear medicine: -Giving and teaching nuclear medicine in contemporary standards - To train qualified, self-developed and qualified physicians

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Perform functional imaging for diagnosis and treatment

Admissions Requirements: There are theoretical courses given to 3rd grade medical students. Admission to the Faculty of Medicine is as follows: For Turkish students: Under the regulations determined by the Higher Education Council (YÖK), admission to this program is carried out by the central exam system called ÖSYS.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Completing 2nd year courses.

Graduation Requirements: To pass the examinations

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: At the end of the internship, a theoretical examination is carried out.

Employment Opportunities: All graduates of the medical faculty have business guarantees.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The graduates of the Medical Doctor can apply to the "Doctor of Philosophy" program in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, "Specialization in Medicine" program in the Department of Basic, Internal or Surgical Sciences.