Head of Department: Doç. Dr . Serhat Türkoğlu

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof.Dr. Şerefnur ÖZTÜRK

Farabi Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Şerefnur ÖZTÜRK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tülün ÇORA

Purpose: To provide the students of the Faculty of Medicine with a world-class education on child and adolescent psychiatry.

Vision: To produce high quality studies in medical education and service. As a center with specialized sub-units in all areas of child and adolescent psychiatry to become a leading educational and research institution in which students participate in scientific research and community mental health projects, and offer best psychiatry education to medical students and apply to education of medical students from our country and other countries.

Mission: To educate medical students as medical doctors who know human behavior, modern psychiatry concepts, mechanisms and treatment of diseases and know the diagnosis and research methods in this area.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The concepts, diseases, diagnosis and treatment methods related to child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry are included in the program in six years.

Admissions Requirements: Our internship is optional in the 4th and 5th grades of the Faculty of Medicine. Admission to faculty of medicine and the registration conditions are as follows. For Turkish students: Within the framework of the regulations determined by Higher Education Council (YÖK), student acceptance to this program is carried out by the central examination system called ÖSYM. The students are placed in the related programs by the Measurement Selection and Placement Center according to the score they obtained after reporting the program preferences they want to study. Foreign students are accepted to this program according to internationally valid exams such as SAT I, ACT, GCE etc. In addition, Foreign Student Examination is carried out by our university or other universities in Turkey and the candidates who get the current score according to the relevant directives from this exam are accepted. For exchange programs: Admission of exchange students is carried out within the framework of bilateral agreements signed between Selçuk University and the partner university (Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana or General Academic Protocol).

Recognition of Prior Learning: To have successfully completed the preclinical period.

Graduation Requirements: Pass written and oral exams successfully

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: For all students, a report on the activities and visit performances during the internship is filled. At the end of the internship, the results of the theoretical examination and structured oral exams are taken together with the results of the report.

Employment Opportunities: All graduates of the medical school have work guarantees due to the Civil Service Obligation.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The graduates of the Medical Doctor can apply to the "Doctorate " program in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, "Specialization in Medicine" program in the Department of Basic, Internal or Surgical Medicine Sciences.