Non thesis Masters Program

Non-thesis Master’s Program

ALES Examination is no longer an obligation and it will be assessed as follows. 

The candidates who get an ALES score over 55 will be enrolled according to their score rating. After the enrollment according to ALES scores, enrollment will be executed according to general weighted average graduation grades of the candidates; the graduation grades are considered and ranked according to success evaluation grades. The names of the students who are within the limits of contingent are announced on the web page of institute and the building of the institute. 


Management of Health Institutions


Modern Financial Economy and Banking

Public Administration   

Political Science and Public Administration         


Tourism Management

European Union Law

Public Law

Public Relations and Advertising

Radio Television and Cinema



Private Law


Documents to be submitted at Registration


The printout of Internet Application Form

- Please click to download Pre-application Form

- The original and copy of the diploma or graduation certificate

- The original and copy of the Transcript

- ALES Certificate (for those who apply with ALES scores)

- The copy of ID card (T.R. Identity Number will be printed on it)

- A photo

- A CV








Student Petition Form


Petition Form for Permission for Survey


Sample Curriculum Vitae (Student)


Petition for Freezing Registration


Intra-School Transfer Petition


Petition for Cancellation of Registration


Application Form to go to universities abroad within the framework of the Erasmus program


Petition for transition from special student status to permanent student status


Application Form for Passport and Travel Abroad


Petititon for Pay Return


Amnesty Document


Disabled Student Form



Petition for exemption from courses done in other instutions before


Petititon for exemption from courses in transition from special student to normal student


Sending students to another university for courses


Appointing academics from other universities to deliver courses


Petition to take another course instead of one failed but not on offer again


Petition to take a scientific preparation course


Petition to take or leave courses



Application form for proficiency examination (Doctorate)
-CoCourse state printout will be added


Minutes of the jury for proficiency examination and Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) suggestions form
-Petition to establish a thesis monitoring committee



Seminar Evaluation Form (Master’s)



Petition for the establishment of a thesis monitoring committee (Doctorate)


Thesis monitoring report



Thesis submission petition first application (Master’s - Doctorate)


Corrected Thesis submission petition (Master’s - Doctorate)


Guidebook for thesis writing and prepapration


Minutes of thesis proposal defense (Doctorate)


Thesis proposal petition (Master’s) (Course state printout will be added)


Sample thesis proposals


Thesis defense documentsGraduation petitions
-Thesis survey and evaluation form


Stipends and allowances


Petition for changes in thesis topic (Master’s - Doctorate)



Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)


Documents required for thesis Master’s graduation
-Area of expertise course evaluation form


Non-Thesis Master’s Evening Program

Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)


Project Proposal Petition


Military Service

Petition to postpone conscription


Demobilization Document Petition


Petition for cancellation of postponement of conscription