Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet DALKIRAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neslihan KIYAR

Farabi Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet DALKIRAN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Ekin DEVECİ

Purpose: The purpose of Painting Main Art Branch is, to gain intellectual accumulation, technical skills and artistic vision which will be required during education and training program to the students. The basic purpose of painting main art branch is to train minds that can identify the artistic problematic their own perspective, can think analytical, can make synthes, be able to comprehend in equipment that the facts of lived era, can express own artistic problematics with artistic language.

Vision: To become an educational institution that preferred at international level, regionally pioneer, has captured the scientific and artistic excellence, with the creative trained individuals who pioneered the art become active and common position in the community.

Mission: To train creative, entrepreneurial and free individuals that can compete in the national and international levels having universal ideas and values, acting in accordance with the basic principles of the art and the creativity, to development.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: 1- This program occurs with program not less than 24 credits, at least eight courses, a seminar, specialist area course and thesis work (thesis includes application examples of student work). A student can take a maximum of fifteen credit courses in a semester. 2- the courses that students will take at most two, provided they have taken during the undergraduate education of undergraduate courses can also be ed. In addition, the course can be ed from courses offered in about EABD boards recommendation and the Board of Directors decided to institute the program in the university or in other higher education institutions outside the university. However, undergraduate courses, total credit value of the courses to be taken from other higher education institutions with different programs can not exceed nine.

Admissions Requirements: Students who graduated from the Painting Departments of the Fine Arts Faculties of the Universities can apply to this program. Candidates who providing exam terms announced in advance by main art branch in applying candidates can register within the quota d.

Recognition of Prior Learning:

Graduation Requirements: Students who can graduate totaling at least 120 ECTS credits with Courses and seminars for 60 ECTS, and specialization field courses and other activities in conjunction with the masters thesis for 60 ECTS.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation:

Employment Opportunities: Our graduate students may be, independent artists, teachers in private institutions and public organizations or artists, galleries and art consultants with links established with workshops, academic staff, related education and research institutions in the fine arts.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Students who graduate from the program, can apply to study for the proficiency in arts / doctorate program.