Non Thesis Masters Application


Non-thesis Master's Program Application


Non-thesis Master's students are admitted for the fall semester (within August and September) and the spring semester (within February).Detailed and up-to-date information can be obtained on website of Graduate School of Social Sciences

Diploma Score: There is no diploma score requirement.

ALES Score Type: Equal Weight and Verbal Score types

ALES Score: must be 55 and above.

Foreign Language: There is no foreign language requirement.

Evaluation and Announcement of the Results

1- In case that there are more applicants than the quota declared by the departments, primarily the applicants with an ALES Score over 55 will be placed in order of score. In the case that there is still vacancy in the quota after the placement in order of ALES score, the placement will be done according to graduation GPA score.

2- For the applicants graduated with the scoring system over 4 points, graduation GPA score will be converted to scoring system over 100 points according to equivalence table published by Directorate of Council of Higher Education.