Masters Programs

Master’s with Thesis

Applications: Students are admitted for Master’s with Thesis program for the fall semester (in the months of July and August). Students are not admitted for the spring semester. Our website must be followed in this regard. Applications are made on the internet.

Diploma Score: No conversions are accepted among scoring systems. (You can obtain information about score conversions at HEC website.) << >>

ALES Score Type: Equal Weight and Verbal Score types (For further information, you can visit our website and get information from the Information menu programs)

ALES Score: must be 55 and above.

Foreign Language: There is no foreign language requirement.







Early Modern History

Late Modern History

Ataturk’s Principles and History of Reforms

Turkish Language and Literature

Turkish Language and Literature


Classical Archaeology


History of Art

History of Art



Eastern Languages and Literatures

Arab Language and Literature

German Language and Literature

German Language and Literature

French Language and Literature

French Language and Literature

Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising



Radio Television and Cinema

Radio Television and Cinema





Management Organization

Production Management and Marketing

Accounting and Finance

Public Administration

Public Administration

International Relations

International Relations

Private Law

Private Law

Public Law

Public Law

Child Development and Home Economics Teaching

Child Development and Education



Traditional Turkish Arts

Traditional Turkish Arts




Documents to be submitted at Registration

1- For Master’s Program pre-registration petition (

For Doctorate Program pre-registration petition (

2- For application to the Master’s program, the original and copy of diploma or graduation certificate of bachelor's degree; for application to the Doctoral program, the original and copy of the postgraduate diploma/graduation certificate are needed (The graduates of undergraduate/postgraduate programs need a diploma equivalency certificate if they have studied abroad.)  

3- For application to the Master’s program, the original and copy of the transcript of undergraduate program; for application to the doctoral program, the original and copy of the postgraduate diploma/graduation certificate

4- The OSYM printout of Post-Graduate Education Entrance Examination type of score (ALES) (It will be checked through OSYM password of the candidate upon the application.)

5- For application to the Doctoral program the printout of the Exam Result of Foreign Languages (It will be checked through OSYM password of the candidate upon the application.)

6- A CV, it can be obtained from the web address (

7- The original and copy of the ID card

8- Two photos

9- The printout of the application through internet. The printout of the investigation t the application control unit is also accepted (The printout of the document showing the Department of Application)







Student Petition Form


Petition Form for Permission for Survey


Sample Curriculum Vitae (Student)


Petition for Freezing Registration


Intra-School Transfer Petition


Petition for Cancellation of Registration


Application Form to go to universities abroad within the framework of the Erasmus program


Petition for transition from special student status to permanent student status


Application Form for Passport and Travel Abroad


Petititon for Pay Return


Amnesty Document


Disabled Student Form



Petition for exemption from courses done in other instutions before


Petititon for exemption from courses in transition from special student to normal student


Sending students to another university for courses


Appointing academics from other universities to deliver courses


Petition to take another course instead of one failed but not on offer again


Petition to take a scientific preparation course


Petition to take or leave courses



Application form for proficiency examination (Doctorate)
-CoCourse state printout will be added


Minutes of the jury for proficiency examination and Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) suggestions form
-Petition to establish a thesis monitoring committee



Seminar Evaluation Form (Master’s)



Petition for the establishment of a thesis monitoring committee (Doctorate)


Thesis monitoring report



Thesis submission petition first application (Master’s - Doctorate)


Corrected Thesis submission petition (Master’s - Doctorate)


Guidebook for thesis writing and prepapration


Minutes of thesis proposal defense (Doctorate)


Thesis proposal petition (Master’s) (Course state printout will be added)


Sample thesis proposals


Thesis defense documentsGraduation petitions
-Thesis survey and evaluation form


Stipends and allowances


Petition for changes in thesis topic (Master’s - Doctorate)



Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)


Documents required for thesis Master’s graduation
-Area of expertise course evaluation form


Non-Thesis Master’s Evening Program

Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)


Project Proposal Petition


Military Service

Petition to postpone conscription


Demobilization Document Petition


Petition for cancellation of postponement of conscription







Step 1-) Get the relevant parts of the documents given in the link below signed by advisors, jury members and heads of departments.


Step 2-) Get the library discharge certificate signed by authorities at the Coordination Office of Scientific Research Projects and the Library.


Step 3-) Thesis data entry form: 3 pieces (Click here to reach the form)
(Higher Education Council Guidebook: ) Enrol after you enter the page by clicking on the.Click on the thesis data entry buton in the member session and fill in the form. Then, get a printout and sign it.

Step 4-) Bound thesis with sheet size A5: 2 pieces (The theses that are prepared should be reduced to A5 size and submitted in soft-cover and pages written on both sides.)

Step 5) Abstract (English and Turkish): 1 Piece (Click here for Turkish abstract form.) , (Click for English abstract form), (Abstracts should be prepared and printed out using the forms in the relevant links, in 12 pica and 250 words at the most. There should be abstracts in CD and in the whole thesis.)

(The thesis that wa sprepared should be in accordance with the Thesis Writing Guidebook. "Scientific Ethics page and Thesis Acceptance Form should be signed and included in the thesis (Click for Thesis Writing Guidebook)

Step 6-) 2 CDs where the whole of the thesis and abstracts are given
Files to be included in the CD:
name_surname_thesis.pdf name_surname_thesis.doc
name_surname_abstract_tr.pdf name_surname_abstract_tr.doc
name_surname_abstract_eng.pdf name_surname_abstract_eng.doc

(CDs must be prepared in word and pdf format; student’s name and student number must be written on CDs. CDs must be submitted in CD envelopes.)

Step 7-) Student must not have unpaid tuition fee.

Step 8-) Student ID card must be returned.

Step 9-) Health certificate must be returned.

Please submit the documents to students affairs Office of the Gradutae School in full. If there are missing documents, application will not be accepted.

For details, please read the explanations given below carefully.


  1. (Petition of Graduation) and (Evaluation Form for Area of Expertise Course) signed by the Adviser and the Head of Department
  2. Two bound books of the thesis written on both pages of each A5 size sheet (The theses prepared beforehand must be reduced to A5 size by photocopying and submitted both pages of each sheet written.)
  3. Thesis Abstract:(English and Turkish)
    1. –Two pieces
    2. - 250 words at the most.
    3. –They must be written in 12 font size.
    4. –Italic letters must not be used.
    5. –Printouts must be taken from laser printers.
    6. –The entire abstract must in bold form.
    7. –Pages will not be folded in any case and be submitted in transparent envelopes
  4. Thesis data form:
    1. –It must be completed by the student
  5. A computer printout will be taken and will be submitted in three copies together with the theses


1- These will be submitted on CD in digital format. These on paper or floppy disk will in no way be accepted.

2- The titles and abstract pages of these are uploaded on browsable areas of Thesis Database. Therefore, areas of text of this type must not include italics, tables, figures, graphs,chemical and mathematical symbols, subscripts and superscripts, Greek letters or other non-standard symbols or characters.

3- Abstracts must be prepared in two languages, one in Turkish, each no more than 250 words and having the thesis title at the top of the page and the author’s name.

4- Theses must definitely contain an Approval Page which contain the names of the Graduate School and University where the thesis was submitted, thesis title, who it was submitted by, the date of thesis defense and the names of thesis adviser and other jury members.

5- “Licence to Copy and Publish Theses” must be completed for each thesis. There are two these to this end. Licence will be completed by the thesis writer for theses whose copy rights belong to the thesis writer whereas for theses whose copy rights belong to the relevant institution of higher education, licence will be completed by the Director of the relevant Graduate School, Dean or Head Doctor.

6- For each thesis, “Thesis Data Entry Form” must be completed, signed and submitted together with the thesis by the thesis writer. “Thesis Data Entry Form” can be accessed at web address of Thesis Data Entry Form.

7- The task of regukating and overseeing the full submission of theses to the Center belong to the Director of the Graduate School and the Dean of the Medical School in the case of universities and the Head Doctor of the Training Hospital in the case of training hospitals.

8- Theses must be submitted collectively to the Higher Education Council by the authority that approved the thesis (Graduate School, Faculty, Training Hospital) in periods of four months with lists including information about thesis name, thesis writer’s name and type of thesis (master’s, doctorate etc.).

9- The compact discs (CDs) prepared in accordance with the conditions laid down below must be labelled including the thesis title, writer’s name, name of the higher education institution, name of graduate school, and name of faculty of training hospital for specialty in medicine theses, put in an impact-resistant CD box, enclosed in an envelope containing the information in the label again together with Thesis pproval Page, Thesis Data Entry Form and Licence Certificate and submitted.

A-2 CDs onto which the whole thesis was uploaded (in word and pdf format)
- Preparation of CDs:
a- The whole text of the thesis will be prepared as a single word or pdf file (including abstracts). Links to convert word files into pdf files can be found on the internet web page of Explanations about mixed theses containing appendixes other than the text format are given in Article 9.
b- The pdf files that are prepared will be the same as the copy of the thesis approved by the graduate school. c- The abstract pages in Turkish and foreign language will be included on the CD each as a separate pdf file. d- Since no changes will be made by the Higher Education Council on the thesis, the writer of the thesis carries all responsibility about the fact that when the thesis is seen on the computer screen or a printer printout is taken, they are the same as the original copy.
e- Files will be uncompressed and unencoded.
f- Turkish characters will not be used when naming files because this may lead to problems in different computers.
g- When files are being given names, what information they involve will be added to the end of writer’s name and surname.
For example :
h- Thesis appendixes in text format or prepared through photocopying will be included in the pdf file which contains the whole text of the thesis. For this purpose, documents will be converted into pdf format using scanners or digital photocopiers.
i- Mixed Theses: If the thesis does not consist solely of text file, and if it contains pictures, maps, computer programs, video or audio records, this must be stated in the Thesis Data Form and abstract giving the names of the files. Formats preferred for pictures and video and audio recordings are given below. If a different format has been used, this must be included in the CD together with the thesis in a licenced form and allow readers to access it.
The Required Formats :
i- Picture Formats : Picture formats will be prepared in one of the formats given below. GIF (.gif)
PDF (.pdf)
TIFF (.tiff)
JPEG (.jpeg)
ii- Video Formats
MPEG (.mpg)
Quick Time – Apple (.mov)
Audio Video Interleaved – Microsoft (.avi)
iii-Audio Formats
Wav (.wav)
MIDI (.midi)
MP3 (.mp3)


Thesis Data Entry Form must be completed by the thesis writer on computer and then printed out and signed.

The form has been so designed as to transfer the information filled in by the writerto a temporary table connected with Thesis Database. When the form is completed and the “OKAY” box is clicked on, a ready-to-print form which bears a “Reference Number” generated by the system is formed. This form must be printed out, signed and sent together with the thesis. If some data have been entered wrongly for some reason, it is possible to go back and make corrections before printing out the form. However, if the error is noticed after the form has been printed, a new form must be completed and printed and the former one must be cancelled. Since the Reference Number on the form sent to HEC will be valid during the data entry checks at the Thesis center, attention must be paid to this matter.


It must be ensured that all of those below are in the same envelope before theses are sent to HEC Thesis Center:

1- Compact Disc that contains the thesis and abstract pages as pdf files,

2- Thesis approval page, (Thesis defense minutes form “approved”)

3- Thesis Data Entry Form, completed, signed and having a reference number,

4- Absence of Leave Document, completed and signed

a) For theses whose copyrights belong to thesis writers (word) or
b) For theses whose copyrights belong to a higher education institution (word)

This guidebook can be obtained at the following internet website:

>>> Thesis Data Entry Form <<<

Note: Announcement made by the Higher Education Council Directorate of Publications and Documentation;

"Work is underway to transfer printed theses at the Higher Education Council National Theses Center to “Thesis Browsing System” as full text in pdf format through “Electronic Thesis Archieves Project”.
♦ The automation system used at the Center was updated during the electronic archieves work.
♦ Our users can access full text theses by joining the sytem at in website under the title of "National Theses Center".
♦ In parallel to these developments, the photocopying services offered at the National Theses Center have been completely stopped.
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