Docrotal Application

Application Requirements

(We congratulate you for preferring our Graduate School for your graduate education, and wish you success in your graduate education.)

Applications: Doctorate students are admitted for the fall semester (within July and August).

Students are not admitted for the spring semester. (Changes and up-to-date information will be announced  on website of Graduate School of Social Sciences)

Diploma Score: No conversions are accepted among scoring systems. (Information about score conversions can be obtained on YOK (Council of Higher Education) website.) << >>

ALES Score Type: Equal Weight and Verbal Score types (Detailed and up-to-date information can be obtained on website of Graduate School of Social Sciences)

ALES Score: must be 55 and above.

Foreign Language: 55 and above score on YDS (Foreign Language Examination), UDS (Inter-University Council Foreign Language Examination) (Social Sciences)  and KPDS (Foreign Language Proficiency Examination for State Employees) is required.

Detailed Explanation 

1) A certified copy of diploma or graduation certificate (A certified copy of the diploma equivalency certificate obtained from YOK (Council of Higher Education) for the students who completed their undergraduate education abroad)

2) For applicants for doctorate programs; a certified copy of the document that shows the courses and transcript of the master's education. For the applicants who graduated from a different program from the doctorate program applied, transcript of undergraduate education is required.

3) Exam result document for LES/ALES (must be at least 55 for the score type declared in the announcement of the department applied)

4) Applicants for doctorate programs must get at least 55 points on YDS, UDS, KPDS (or foreign language proficiency exams accepted by Inter-University Council)

5) Photocopy of the ID card (with T.C. ID Number)

6) 2 headshot photos

PS: The application form can be obtained online on the website Graduate School of Social Sciences or personally from the Directorate of Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Explanation on Application and Written Science Exam

1) Applications must be made online first. The documents above must be delivered personally or by a notary certified representative to the directorate of Graduate School of Social Sciences that is on Alaaddin Keykubat Campus.

Applications via mail are not accepted.

2) Doctorate Written Science Exams are conducted by the related departments at time and date that will be announced in the announcement.

3) Evaluation: In the entrance to Doctorate programs, 50% of the ALES score, 30% of the diploma score of Master's degree, and 20% of the written science exam are taken into consideration. The total of these scores defines the final grade, which must be at least 65. The applicants are placed to the departments they apply for according to their final grades, starting from the highest grade within the quota declared by the departments.

4) As of 2009-2010 academic year, valedictorianship will not be taken into consideration. (It is removed by 28.12.2008 dated and 2008/106 numbered Senate Decision.)

5) Conversions between scoring systems over 100 points and 4 points are not conducted at our university. Documents obtained from other universities related to conversions between these two scoring systems are not accepted as well. Therefore, in the PhD entrance examinations; If the student is graduated with the scoring system over 100 points, 30% of the graduation GPA, If the student is graduated with the scoring system over 4 points, 30% of the graduation GPA converted according to YOK (Council of Higher Education) conversion table will be taken into consideration.

6) The list of students who are eligible to enroll will be announced on the website of Graduate School of Social Sciences on the date indicated in the announcement.

7) The registration of the eligible students will be done at the Graduate School of Social Sciences on the dates indicated in the announcement.