Head of Department: Inst. Tuğba USLUGİL

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Inst. Şamil ŞEN

Farabi Coordinator: Lect. Özkan DEMİR

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Inst. Şamil ŞEN

Purpose: The Local Governments Program has been trained on politics, law, public administration, urbanization and environmental problems, and aims to train managers for the local government units, which have the theoretical knowledge required by the management approach that will take place in various levels of the local governments and the government sector.

Vision: The importance of local administrations increased due to the governmental localisation of the Turkey paralel to the globalisation and European Union Process. Because of the switch of authoriterian power from central governmental system to the locals, the workforce necessity increases in this field. Naturally the importance of our department has been rising thanks to these developments. Our department aims to train lower and middle class managers who are educated about politics, law, public administrations, urbanisation and environmental problems, and having the necessary information to take position and apply the theoretical knowledge on practical in several sections of government especially local administrations (Province Special Administrations, Municipalities).

Mission: To train high-quality graduates can take place first at the state sector and then in private enterprises, both can transfer her/his own knowledge and at certain positions to enhance her /his knowldge, equipped with basic knowledge, skills and research techniques.

Program Language: Education languuage is Turkish

Program Description: Silifke-Taşucu Vocational High School started its education service in 1992-1993 education year. One of the pregrams through this period is Local Administration Program. Programme has a 90 % of fullnes with quota of 30 persons. Local Administration Associate Degree Program, aims to train qualified manpower to meet the needs of municipalities and other public institutions and organizations through giving basic knowledge on management, local government, local government finance, urban policy, urbanization, environmental issues, local government accounting, constitutional law, labor and social security law, the Turkish tax system, public relations, basic law, social science, economics, public finance, politics, science, office management and communications techniques, foreign language, computer, communications and human resource management.Prepare students for the purposes of this profession and provide the necessary information. With the textbooks taught in the program to support and reinforce the information 60 business days of apprenticeship is compulsory. Students graduated from this department have the right of vertical transfer to the programmes which make formal and distant training through "The regulations of the Graduates of Vocational High Schools to Continue Associate Degree Programmes Vocational School and Open University"

Admissions Requirements: Students who want to choose Local Administration Program, make choices after taking enough verbal scores from student Selection and Placement Center for Higher Education exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students coming to the programme through Transition to Higher Education Examination(YGS), admisssion or undergraduate transfer, may be exempted from the courses they have taken and passed previously by the decision of the Board.

Graduation Requirements: A student is required to take and pass the courses neccessary for the graduation envisaged in the programme, to complete applications, 60 days internship and other similar work successfully, and graduate weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00 to graduate from the programme

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Evaluation criterias in the programme are arranged basically as theoretical lectures and practical work. At least one midterm and a final exam is done for each course. Instructor , according to the course, can make education activities like quizzes, projects, field work, etc during the period of the semester. Instructors are free to evaluate success acording to midterm exams, final exams, quizzes, projects, etc. Each instructor announces the evaluation criteia s/he will apply for success at the ning of the period. Students success in this course is determined according to the letter grade , the total of 40 % of the midterm and 60 % of final exam which is given by the instructor after final / make-up exams . Students must take at least CC to be successful in a course. Instructors can pull the score intervals in the following table, however, can not determine the letter below the letter of provision as a letter grade which is calculated through the above method different letter grades can not be given to the students who have the same grades Letter grade given to a student can not be lower than the students who has lower scores than her/himself. Letter of grades and their values are shown below: 90-100 AA 4.00 85-89 BA 3.50 75-84 BB 3.00 70-74 CB 2.50 60-69 CC 2.00 55-59 DC 1.50 50-54 DD 1.00 40-49 FD 0.50 0-39 FF 0.00 - F 0.00 AA, BA, BB, CB, CC:Successful, DC, DD: If students weighted grade point average is at 2.00 or above successful if not unsuccessful. FD,FF: unsuccessful, F: has no right to enter the exams because of absenteeism or being unsuccessful. G: Passes, successful in non credit courses, K: Fails, unsuccessful in non credit courses. M: Exempt the note they take from the program they study and be successful before in the orientation of the students who are acepted from a higher education program through external and undergraduate transfer or have re-recording right through central placement while studying in a higher education program

Employment Opportunities: Students graduated from Local Administration Program, can work at all levels of particularly public bodies, local authorities and increasingly private sector organizations in general management, personnel management, research and development as well as departments requiring.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Students entering Program through Transition to Vertical Jump Test (DGS), or horizontal transfer can be exempted courses they previously took and were successful with the decision of the Board of Directors