P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 Learns the knowledge of ethical principles and values of social work.
P.Ç.2 Learns social work practice fields and social work theory.
P.Ç.3 Learn about human behavior and the social environment and communication skills.
P.Ç.4 Acquire knowledge of research methods and techniques in social work.
P.Ç.5 Learn the management of social service organizations. Have knowledge about social services in the work place, interprete and apply data on services for individuals, groups and community.
P.Ç.6 Determines the subject of research for the field you want to work ,analyze, as a result of the gains obtained with literature s the appropriate research methods, analyzes the results obtained from the research.
P.Ç.7 Do practices within the framework of ethical principles.
P.Ç.8 Transfers the theory of social work to different practice areas.
P.Ç.9 Recognizes human development and learn social environment. Communicates with individual, family, group, community and institutions.
P.Ç.10 Conducts research in the areas of social work practice and reviews professional literature.
P.Ç.11 Gain the skills to manage their social service organizations. Fulfills social service practices in his/her area by acting as positive role models to undergraduate students in the practices for individulas, gruops and community.
P.Ç.12 In business life, becomes a member of independent professionals who take responsibility.
P.Ç.13 Individually, prepare homework and made a presentation. Do homework given by faculty members, studies, scientific projects, presentation of papers and students are involved in the applications.
P.Ç.14 Performs practice part of his Masters thesis individually.
P.Ç.15 Performs practices for clients at different levels in accordance with professional ethical values and standards.
P.Ç.16 Assume the role of the social work professional in different fields of practice and the applicant takes responsibility for bringing together the resources with the needs of the system. Uses theoretical approaches and models that guide the social work practice.
P.Ç.17 Knows the impact of the social environment on human behavior and behaves according to the acteristics of the periods of development interventions on peoples. Use communication skills with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations in professional practice at the highest level.
P.Ç.18 Conducts research on the application areas and new service models to be applied in social work, takes the responsibility to follow the work of the social work literature.
P.Ç.19 Implements initiatives that require professional skills related to social work. Take responsibility for the management and operation of social service organizations.
P.Ç.20 The literature follows in a computer environment, scans, uses, and effectively implement the necessary computer programs.