Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Aliye MAVİLİ

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assistant Meliha Funda AFYONOĞLU

Farabi Coordinator: Assistant Meliha Funda AFYONOĞLU

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assistant Prof. Dr. Serap DAŞBAŞ

Purpose: To train social workers who will have based on the principles of human rights and social justice, have ethical sensitivity, know her/his comminity, sensitive and to scientific developments, have the principles on professional issues, be a party in favor of disadvantaged groups in society, have the skills to improve applicants social functioning, have professional negotiation and reporting skills, explore social resources and learn and use it for the benefit of the applicant, active in interdisciplinary studies, supporting social change, solve problem in human relationships to improve the peoples well-being, empowerment and aims to liberate and it is to human behavior and social systems that disrupt the interaction between people and their environment by taking advantage of the theory of point, contribute to generating social policies and identify deficiencies in the application development using the research skills and knowledge.

Vision: To become a scientific institution which get basic national and international standards in social work education and lead them in developing and disseminating, have a say in the development of social policy at the national level, contribute the academic literature on the social services to the development of the discipline at the national level.

Mission: To take advantage of modern methods and techniques in social work education, to focus on changes in the structure additive, to contribute to the generation of policies on social issues, having ethical sensitivity and cultural competence.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Selcuk University Health Sciences Institute is ed in 1993 under the Department of Social Services Masters Degree Programme. Six lecturers (3 associate professors, 3 assistant) A total of 22 faculty members take office to carry out these activities.

Admissions Requirements: Who want to apply social work master program they have to have a social work diploma, ensure that the admission requirements set by the Institute of Health Sciences and be successful in the exams which conducted by department of Social Services.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Postgraduate students from a transfer exempt the courses which taken previously and they were successful under the conditions stipulated of Department of Social Services by the Department of Health Sciences Institute board.

Graduation Requirements: Students enrolled in the Master degree program have to take at least 27 credits of courses (60 ECTS) availableand 1 seminar from the Social Work Department or graduate programs in other departments that are associated and be successful (at least 70 points out of 100) in that courses seminar. In addition, a dissertation (60 ECTS) to prepare and be successful arguing before a jury.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Selcuk University Graduate Regulations and the relevant institutions is determined measurement and evaluation method applied to each course by their essentials.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates are able to employ as a lecturer in higher education institutions and as a manager in social work institutions.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Masters graduates have successfully completed a masters degree can start the doctoral program.