hayvancilik_ekonomisi_ve_isletmeciligi Yüksek Lisans - Doktora - Tessiz Yüksek Lisans
P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 Learn the basic concepts of economics and business sciences
P.Ç.2 The importance of animal disease, the efficiency of animal production, animal products, global animal trade and have knowledge about the perception of the consumer
P.Ç.3 Management theory, the government spends on stage and to be informed about scientific management techniques.
P.Ç.4 decision-making, implementation and evaluation of animal health programs
P.Ç.5 How to interpret the data by providing the use of econometric techniques and gain skills to be given to how the direction of economic policy
P.Ç.6 Animal Health policy development and implementation process to discuss the importance of the economy.
P.Ç.7 Ability to analyze the profitability and productivity of livestock enterprises
P.Ç.8 In market economies to understand the behavior of firms and individual consumers