P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 People grasp the interaction between the disciplines related to the health area.
P.Ç.2 Limited in the area of ??public health or incomplete data complements information using scientific methods and implements to integrate information from different disciplines.
P.Ç.3 In the public health field to use the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge at expert level,
P.Ç.4 Public health problems that require expertise to new knowledge by integrating the knowledge from different disciplines to analyze the information in the field using scientific research methods.
P.Ç.5 A problem in the public health area, to construct independently, develop a solution algorithm, solve, evaluate the results and apply as needed,
P.Ç.6 People are not expected to occur in applications in the field of health in complex situations, unless could develop new strategic approaches and solutions by taking responsibility
P.Ç.7 Information relating to public health, to evaluate critically, to be able to direct learning and to conduct advanced studies are independently