dolerme_ve_suni_tohumlama Yüksek Lisans - Doktora - Tessiz Yüksek Lisans
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bozkurt ATAMAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Abdullah KAYA

Farabi Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Numan BUCAK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Arş. Gör. Mustafa BODU

Purpose: Diagnosis and treatment about andrological examination, examination of reproductive organs, semen examination, artificial insemination and problems of infertility in domestic animals is being done. Besides examination of cryopreserved bull and ram semen is done. In our department fluorescent staining is being done and it is taught to mphill students. İn addition, in vitro fertilization studies is done. The aim of this program is to give theorical and practical knowledges to improve their abilities.

Vision: The mission of department is to train the veterinarians with researcher mentality and analytical thoughtful. In addition, to serve the scientific technology to the animal and human healthy at national and international levels.

Mission: To support to being well-known, foremost and reputable faculty in the national and international areas. .

Program Language: TURKISH

Program Description: Number of semen, motility, plasma membran integrity, mitocondrial activity, acrosomal membrane integrity, and DNA damage rate is evaluated in Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination. Stages of spermatozoon development and differences according to species is taught to students.Theorical and practical artificial insemination lessons are given to students to improve their ability and knowledges.

Admissions Requirements: The candidates must be graduate from any Faculty of Veterinary Sciences. The Candidates who graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences must also fullfill the criteria of ALES and the other criteria by the Graduate Scholl of Health Sciences. *Some certain cases, special conditions are considered in Commitee of the Department.

Recognition of Prior Learning: In transfer from other educational institutions, courses must be adaptable and/or compatible with our courses. Also, the success of the students are considered by the Commitee of The Department.

Graduation Requirements: The students must be taken 30 ECTS at each half year. Total credits must be 120 ECTS. In order to succeed for each lecture, the avarage of theoretical and practical exams must be 70. The students must be present a seminar. The students complete the thesis in 2 half terms. Master of thesis must be accepted by the jury.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The assesment of the exams are explained in the teaching programme

Employment Opportunities: The graduates of the programme can find suitable jobs and can apply for academic position in Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination. Besides, the graduates can also apply to Ministry of Health Laboratory.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Graduates may aply PhD programs.