ameliyathane_hizmetleri Yüksek Lisans - Doktora - Tessiz Yüksek Lisans
P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 In the Operating Room Services area has a basic level of theoretical knowledge.
P.Ç.2 In the Operating Room Services area has a basic level of knowledge about the use of tools and equipment.
P.Ç.3 Effective use of terminology related to the field.
P.Ç.4 Uses theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of basic level.
P.Ç.5 Access to basic scientific knowledge in the field, has the ability to evaluate and implement.
P.Ç.6 The use of technologies related to the field.
P.Ç.7 Using the basic level of knowledge and skills that have served in the field as a team member to solve complex and unpredictable problems faced any problem.
P.Ç.8 Lifelong learning has consciousness.
P.Ç.9 Basic level of knowledge and skills acquired in the field evaluates critically determine their learning needs and guiding their learning.
P.Ç.10 Operating Services area in which it has issues related technological information and inform individuals and organizations about using the skills, share their suggestions for solutions to problems orally and in writing.
P.Ç.11 It can communicate at a basic level in a foreign language.
P.Ç.12 Social environment with social responsibility to give support to the projects and activities.
P.Ç.13 Preoperative and postoperative surgical instruments and material can make available for use
P.Ç.14 Receiving the operating room and help to transport the patient after surgery.
P.Ç.15 Individuals and public health have sufficient awareness of occupational safety and environmental protection related laws, regulations, and comply with regulations and professional ethics.
P.Ç.16 They can collaborate with other health disciplines.