Head of Department: Doç.Dr. Hayri DEMİR

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Doç.Dr. Hayri DEMİR

Farabi Coordinator: Doç.Dr. İbrahim Bülent FİŞEKÇİOĞLU

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Doç.Dr. Hayri DEMİR

Purpose: Sport-related organizations in the private sector for qualified personnel that can provide services to schools and universities, aims to educate .

Vision: The acquisition of sports culture, sports and specialize in a particular field of sports-related organizations and to explain it to the community and to gain the ability to have the ability to spread .

Mission: To make the internal and external environment analysis of sports organizations to solve problems and make decisions in accordance with changing conditions and apply .

Program Language: Türkçe

Program Description: Providing training at postgraduate level , to train people responsible for the management of sports facilities and activities.

Admissions Requirements: Having d the ning of the qualification period

Recognition of Prior Learning: Our students have gained in their undergraduate education , cognitive, affective and psychomotor have competencies related fields.

Graduation Requirements: Take the amount specified in the program to be ECTS students graduate from the program and the previously mentioned qualifications may be entitled to if they manage to graduate .

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Licenses construction criteria of the above test , the ECTS Advanced courses in the program must be specified in advance.

Employment Opportunities: Across the country , students with common physical education and sport trainers to become an academic schools vemez the professional careers of Youth Services and Sports General Directorate of central and provincial organizations, amateur and the professional leagues in sports clubs, municipal cultural and sports departments , tourism sector, the private sports facilities , sports consulting, athlete training centers , are taking part in sports training and media services in specific areas

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