Head of Department: Associate Professor Belgin AKIN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Associate Professor Fatma TAŞ ARSLAN

Farabi Coordinator: Associate Professor Fatma TAŞ ARSLAN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assistant Professor Şerife KURŞUN

Purpose: To raise scientists who have awareness and philosophy of professional nursing, are sensitive to the health problems and healthcare needs of the family and society, can access and assess basic issues specific to nursing and information concerning the models/theories, principles and methods upon which they are based, can participate in scientific research, transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired to the field of application and to the teaching of nursing and use them.

Vision: To bring the field of nursing masters program to a preferable position on a national and international level, and raise professional specialists who are pioneers in clinical practices, have scientific proficiency and a high level of awareness.

Mission: To offer quality education by raising cultured individuals who are equipped with contemporary knowledge, are capable of scientific thought, possess an exemplary professional identity and have internalized core values. To raise masters students who have the skills to use the scientific knowledge required for a scientific community, and who can use science technology and financial and human resources in the best possible way.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: A Masters Program was ed in 1996 affiliated with the Division of Nursing at Selcuk University Graduate School of Health Sciences. 5 academic staff members (2 associate professors and 3 assistant professors) take part in the implementation of these activities.

Admissions Requirements: Candidates who hold bachelors degrees in nursing/medical assistance, meet the other conditions set by Selcuk University Graduate School of Health Sciences (Selcuk University Masters Education Regulations ? Official Gazette: 18th May 2014 /No: 29004, article 25) (, and succeed in the science examination conducted by the Division of Nursing are admitted.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Admission of candidates who attend masters programs in abroad (Article 10), candidates who attend masters education at the university or at another institution of higher education (Article 12), and candidates who attend non-thesis masters program (Article 37) is conducted in accordance with the relevant articles of Selcuk University Rules and Regulations for Masters Education.

Graduation Requirements: Students who meet the conditions set in Selcuk University Masters Education Regulations and the criteria set by the relevant graduate school can graduate.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Method of testing and evaluation for each course is determined by Selcuk University Education and Training Regulations and the criteria set by the relevant graduate schools.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates can be employed as academic staff members at institutions of higher education, and as utives and specialist nurses at health institutions and organizations. Moreover, students who have taken the pedagogical formation courses can teach at health programs of Technical Vocational High Schools.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Graduates who have completed their thesis masters program successfully can apply to a doctorate program on condition that they meet the entrance conditions of the doctorate program.