Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Zafer DURGUN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Ercan KESKİN

Farabi Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tufan KEÇECİ

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Nurcan DÖNMEZ

Purpose: Planning, evolving and performing the multidisciplinary researches about solution of territorial and regional problems intended by education of the graduate students.

Vision: Our vision is train up to qualified scientists who could foresee the problems about the research area and resolve them by conducting independent studies with using different research methods then publish the obtained data in a systematic review by written or orally with self confidence.

Mission: Our mission is train up to specialists who can evolve strategies and plans for perform an independent research study and publish the achieved data by taking into consideration the ethical and scientific rules in their research area.

Program Language: Turkish

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Graduation Requirements:

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