farmakoloji_ve_toksikoloji_(vet.) Yüksek Lisans - Doktora - Tessiz Yüksek Lisans
Head of Department: Prof.Dr.Bünyamin TRAŞ

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kamil Üney

Farabi Coordinator: Dr.Burak DiK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Dr.Burak DiK

Purpose: To gain the ability to search at scientific events in-depth scrutiny skills, make comments, and carry out independent research on Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Vision: To educate, superior Pharmacology-Toxicology with information and equipment serve veterinarians all over the country and the international level. To publish, in superb national and international journal To become, Pharmacology-Toxicology Department recognized competence in national and international level

Mission: The departments mission is defined as follows: To teach in the best way and train students with analytical thinking skills that they are prevention of disease in animal species, diagnosis and drugs used in the treatment and supply of other materials, features and proper use of the resources of the substances with toxic effects, acteristics and treatment methods, by based on modern science and technology. To contribute to science through scientific studies, to provide to be produced information for the benefit of society to serve for animal and human health.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Master

Admissions Requirements: The candidates must be graduate the faculties listed in below -Faculty of Medicine, - Faculty of Veterinary, - Faculty of Dentistry, - Faculty of Pharmacy and Nursing Division. -The candidates who graduated the Faculty listed in above must also fullfill the criteria of ALES and the other criteria by the Graduate Scholl of Health Sciences. *Some certain cases, special conditions are considered in Commitee of the Department.

Recognition of Prior Learning: In transfer from other educational institutions, courses must be adaptable and/or compatible with our courses. Also, the success of the students are considered by the Commitee of The Department.

Graduation Requirements: The students must be taken 30 ECTS at each half year. Total credits must be 120 ECTS. In order to succeed for each lecture, the avarage of theoretical and practical exams must be 70. The students must be present a seminar. The students complete the thesis in 2 half terms. Master of thesis must be accepted by the jury.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The assesment of the exams are explained in the teaching programme

Employment Opportunities: 1. Academician in universities 2. Responsible administrator on Pharmaceutical, food and feed industry 3 Veterinarian in research and control laboratories 4. Veterinarians on various public agencies and institutions

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Graduates may aply PhD programs.