Head of Department: Prof.Dr. İhsan ÖZKAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Res.Assist. Hasan Ali TANER

Farabi Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Veysel ZEDEF

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Vildan ÖNEN

Purpose: The educational objectives of the program which are determined in accordance with the mission and vision definitions of Mining Engineering are graduating mining engineers who can use basic science in mining engineering area, has necessary knowledge in undermining and surface mining, has necessary knowledge in ore and coal preparation, can propose solutions to faced engineering problems by thinking accurate and analytically, can produce new ideas from learned information and are self-confident, follow technological developments and can apply them in his area, has necessary information about the mine sources in his country, follows the developments in global mining and mining in his country, has the conscious of team work, can present his ideas in a broadminded fashion, can express himself and successfully communicate with other people.

Vision: To carry out a training program that is responsive to requirements of international mining sector, to graduate students who can put forth and discuss the proposed solutions that can overcome any professional problem in a broadminded manner, to contribute to the national and international scientific area with academic studies, to be a prestigious internationally known department.

Mission: To equip our students as individuals who think accurate and analytically, produce new ideas from his learned information, solve the problems with analytically thinking ability, gained design capacity, have entrepreneurial personality, comprehend the importance of learning, equipped with technical information, take social and economic points into consideration in mining applications and also who have professional ethics that are sensitive to the environment.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Department of Mining Engineering began education in 1992 within the Faculty of Engineering. Basic sciences, engineering science and mining science courses are started from the first semester in order to prepare students to professional life. Students are also supported by laboratory applications, field practices, design projects and summer internships. Our department began English aided courses since 2003.

Admissions Requirements: Students are accepted to our department according to the results of LYS exam in central tem.

Recognition of Prior Learning: For students who accepted to our department with horizontal and vertical transfer or with LYS exam, the previous courses that they took before coming our department are evaluated according to the adaptation instructions and the students can exempt from these courses with regard to the departments course plan and curriculum.

Graduation Requirements: To graduate from our department, students should took and pass the courses which are necessary for graduation, should successfully finished the studies like practices and probation and also should have a minimum point of 2.00 for weighted grade point average.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The principles of measurement and evaluation of our department are determined by the teaching and examination regulations of Selcuk University for undergraduate and associate programs.

Employment Opportunities: Working areas of our graduates are exploration of coal, metallic mines and industrial raw materials, safe, economical and environmental mining and enriching of minerals, underground excavations, planning occupational health and safety work. Our graduates can be employed in TKİ, TTK, ETİ, MTA, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey Iron and Steel Enterprises Inc, DSİ, General Directorate of Highways, Colleges and Universities, ceramic, glass and cement factories, marble and natural stone quarry businesses, mineral exploration, feasibility and evaluation studies, tunnel and underground work. Our graduates also can take office in every facility about mining as consultant and technical supervisor.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Our graduates can continue their doctoral and masters degree educations in all institutes of natural sciences at home and abroad within the necessary principles and determined quotas.