P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 To have adequate and up to date information on the scientific and engineering fields related to Chemical Engineering, to use the theoretical and practical knowledge attained for the solution of problems in their field.
P.Ç.2 The creation of awareness of learning to learn, manage, and sustainability.
P.Ç.3 To have sufficient knowledge and awareness of the occupational safety, occupational health, social security rights, quality control and management, have environment and human health issues.
P.Ç.4 To understand the complex Chemical Engineering problems, to choose modern analytical tools and models necessary to solve these problems, appropriate level of computer, engineering software and information technology to achieve the ability to apply to their area.
P.Ç.5 To gain the skills in design and construct experimental set up, make experiment, collect datas, analyze these datas for the solution of problems related to Chemical Engineering
P.Ç.6 To develop the ability of writing reports about related projects, results and inferences, technical report writing and presenting effectively.
P.Ç.7 Ability to work in a team and/or individual, to take decisions, to attempt, to have self-confidence, to bring critical evaluation and different interpretations/approaches
P.Ç.8 To develop and implement all kinds of projects in the field of Chemical Engineering and to have the knowledge and skills, to participate employees in the project, to gain the skills in the professional event planning and management.
P.Ç.9 Ability to use appropriate databases to access information effectively, identify the knowledge, gaining the ability to extract and ability to transfer knowledge and views that reach.
P.Ç.10 Chemical Engineering will be able to follow oral and written sources in the field, learning at least one foreign language can communicate effectively with colleagues.
P.Ç.11 To have professional and ethical responsibility, honest, citizenship awareness and to exhibit appropriate behavior within the framework of this developed consciousness.
P.Ç.12 Be aware of entrepreneurship, innovation, economic base of the country, problems and priorities, sustainable development.