Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Özcan TAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Bahadır YÜKSEL

Farabi Coordinator: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Murat ÖZTÜRK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Dr. Alparslan YARAR

Purpose: To graduate civil engineers...

Vision: To become a well-known and reputable department serving a modern and international education contributing to science and technology by the aid of scientific researches and applications presenting the produced information to the benefit of the country and humanity?

Mission: To graduate civil engineers with a qualified civil engineering education in order to be - Competitive in national and international areas as equipped with basic and modern information, - Performing his duties with success and preferred at related working areas, - Having tematic approach in solving problems and gained design ability, - Developed self-confidence, entrepreneur and aptitude to co-working, keeping abreast of technological developments.

Program Language: Turkish...

Program Description:

Admissions Requirements: According to the results of nationwide, central Higher Education Examination (YGS) and Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS), students who have taken sufficient MF-4 exam points can be registered to the department within certain quota. Apart from that the department takes students through undergraduate transfer and graduate transfer. Requirements of undergraduate transfer and graduate transfer policy can be accessed via universitys web page. Those who have achieved to register to the department can register by applying to the facultys student affairs with certificate of registry in announced time. New students who have achieved to register by central examinations should check the universitys web page for announcements and required certificates. Our university also accepts students from abroad and non-Turkish citizens. Regarding this "Selçuk University regulations for admission of students from abroad and non-Turkish citizens on undergraduate and associate degree" can be checked on our universitys web page

Recognition of Prior Learning: Our departments orientation commission evaluates students prior education according to the departments curriculum. Admission of undergraduate transfer students, double major and minor program students are done according to "REGULATION FOR INTER UNIVERSITY TRANSFER IN ASSOCIATE AND BA DEGREE PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR, AND INTER UNIVERSITY CREDIT TRANSFER" terms.

Graduation Requirements: Students who pass all courses (240 ECTS in total) and accomplish at least 2.00 CGPA out of 4.00 and complete summer trainings (60 days) successfully earn Civil Engineering undergraduate degree.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: In our department a student must pass all courses. A students success is based on his mid-term and final/make-up exams which are must according to undergraduate and associate degree education and exam regulations. A students success for a course is graded by sum of 40% of mid-term exam points and 60% of final/make-up exam points. Considering these sum a letter grade is given. For a student to be successful in a course the letter grade need to be at least CC. Points, letter grades and their coefficients are given as following: 90-100 / AA / 4.00, 85-89 / BA / 3.50, 75-84 / BB / 3.00, 70-74 / CB / 2.50, 60-69 / CC / 2.00, 55-59 / DC / 1.50, 50-54 / DD / 1.00, 40-49 / FD / 0.50, 0-39 / FF / 0.00, / F / 0.00. AA, BA, BB, CB, CC: Successful, DC, DD: Successful if GPA is equal to or higher than 2.00 otherwise failed, FD, FF: Failed, F: Failed due to absenteesim, not allowed to enter final/make-up exams.

Employment Opportunities:

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Students who complete our department successfully, can study graduate degree in their field or related fields by having passing points from ALES exam and having sufficient English language knowledge. Also they can study graduate degrees abroad by satisfying regarding universitys requirements.