General Information

General Information

The goal of the geomatic engineering is to describe the whole or a part of the world by analyzing relevant measurements and/or data in a computer environment and having outputs as plans and/or maps. It is an engineering discipline which applies modern technology and opens to technologic advancements.

It is an engineering discipline which focusses on those engineering subjects; Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Urban and Rural Land Management, Nationalization Projects, Maps and Plans which subject to official registration, Production of Cadastral Maps, Production of Digital Maps, Engineering and Industrial Measurements, Positioning by Terrestrial and Satellite based (GPS) Systems, Hydrographic Measurements, Underground Measurements, and etc.

Main task of Geomatic Engineering is to construct a base for development projects. Civil Engineering, Architecture, Geology, Mining, Urban and Regional Planning, Environment Engineering and Geography are close disciplines to Geomatic Engineering. Especially Geographic Information Systems provide common application areas and a base for those disciplines above by present maps directed by developing purposes belonging to definite geography, cadastral maps, public work plans, technical infrastructure maps (water, canal, gas, telephone, electricity and etc.), and thematic maps. Geomatic engineers can find jobs in governmental organizations such as Cadastre and Land Registry Offices, Offices of State Hydraulic Works, Branches of General Directorate of Hihgways, Municipalities etc., in private companies. They can also set up their own businesses. The department has a photogrammetry lab with analog and digital systems, a surveying lab with optic-mechanic and modern instruments, cartography and GIS labs. Besides the computer labs of the faculty and the central computer lab of the university, department students have access to the computer lab of the department with several surveying, photogrammetry and GIS software packages.

There are several dormitories serving to students with drawing tables in the blocks for engineering students, being operated by State Dormitory Organization, the Foundation of Selcuk University respectively, and several private dormitories under the supervision of National Education Ministry. Transportation between the city center and the campus is possible by tram and minibus services. Students can meet their needs by Gökkuşağı shopping center in the campus area besides the cafeteria in the faculty. Konya Rixos Hotel and its complex in campus represent the modern sight of the university by hosting various scientific meetings and entertainments. In the campus area, there is also an olympic swimming pool and sport complex which provide chances to perform various sportive activities. Selçuk University has an improved Internet infrastructure. Students can utilize library and registration services via Internet easily.