About Department

Short History

The department was founded under the name of surveying engineering in The State Engineering and Architectural Academy of Konya and the education was started on 14th of March in 1973. Hüseyin ERKAN, Hayrettin GÜRBÜZ, M. Nuri ERGİN, Nadir N. ÜNAL, Abbas BARIŞKANER, Mehmet YERCİ, Ömer H. TOMBAKLAR and M. Ali BÜYÜKALTUNEL all were academic staffs who took place in establishment of the department. Additionally, Mehmet GÜRLER, Hüseyin SAKIN, Erdem EMİLİ, Uçman AYATA, Ergun UĞUR, Ömür DEMİRKOL, Kadir PALA, Erdal AKDAĞ, İlhan ÖZDİLEK, Atilla KARAÇELEBİ and Hayati BALKAN from General Command of Mapping entered several lectures during the establishment years. First head of the department was Nadir N. ÜNAL. Later, M. Nuri ERGİN, Abbas BARIŞKANER, Mehmet YERCİ and Ömer H. TONBAKLAR undertook this task in some terms. The education was firstly carried out in the Cıvıloğlu building in Mengüç Street of Cıvıloğlu district. First students were graduated in 1977. Instruments which were necessary for the education were started to buy in 1974. Instrument lab was supported by General Command of Mapping and General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Contributions of M.Nuri ERGİN were in great extent on this matter.

Education in the department was carried out under the name of Geodesy and Photogrammety Engineering in the Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Selcuk University from 1982 to 2008. The name of the department was changed to Geomatic Engineering in 2008. The department moved in October 1991 to Alaaddin Keykubat Campus which is located at the Northern part of the city (20km far from the city center). Dual Education (normal education and second education) was started in 1992 - 1993 academic year.