P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 To have ability of basic Math, Science and Engineering Knowledge and apply them
P.Ç.2 To gain the ability to conceptualize, model and solve engineering problems in related areas
P.Ç.3 To have knowledge about the daily & contemporary issues
P.Ç.4 To have professional level of knowledge in computer usage and to have the ability to communicate effectively in both Turkish and English
P.Ç.5 To gain the ability in using modern devices and equipment related to engineering field
P.Ç.6 To be aware of lifelong learning and keep this awareness and apply it
P.Ç.7 To gain experience and analysis trait in projects such as Senior Project which requires designing and application abilities
P.Ç.8 To be able work in an interdisciplinary team, communicate effectively and bear the ethical and professional responsibilites
P.Ç.9 To comprehend the effect of engineering in universal scale and to have enough training to anaylze in in national scale
P.Ç.10 To gain the ability to design a system, sub-system or complete a process which is directly or indirectly related to an engineering discipline