Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahmi ERDEM

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Dr. Kıvanç ERTUĞAY

Farabi Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Neslihan SERDAROĞLU SAĞ

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Asst.Prof. Dr. Arzu TAYLAN SUSAN

Purpose: The town and regional planning program in our school aims - to educate planners and planning scholars with a perfect theoretical and practical basis - to bring together multidisciplinary teams from academia to produce original knowledge in planning - to display educational and academic activities for the development of Turkey and its region - to build a unique model for a specialized planning education which makes us different among other planning schools in the world.

Vision: Our departments vision is to be a planning school which - teaches its students to manage spatial, social and functional change processes in localities - seeksinnovative and contemporary solutions to urban and rural problemsfrom a global perspective - believes the importance of interdisciplinary studies in planning - prioritizes the public interest and social benefits in urban and regional planning processes - internalizes a collaborative planning approach andpays huge attention to public participation - conducts cutting-edge research and produces original data for planning professionals and practitioners.

Mission: 1. Our educational mission is to educate planners who - contibute to the creation of liveable cities in the world - produce native, innovative and sustainable solutions to urban, regional, national and international problems, - are well-aware of all spatial, social and functional matters in planning - consider physical, socio-cultural, economic, ecological, political and institutional aspectsin urban development and regeneration processes in a holistic way - make plans which meet the primary needs of the society - work for the establishment of social equity and justice in cities - care the values of public interest and social benefit in planning - have critical and creative thinking abilities. 2. Our academic mission is to employ scholars and planning professionals who? - produce original knowledge and use it for public benefits - make a perfect academic contribution to application projects regarding the spatial, social, economic and cultural development of Turkey - addressspecific and challenging issuesin planning practice. 3. Our structural mission is to a very suitable environment for an excellent planning education and for competitive and participatory academic research in international quality standards in our school.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Selçuk University Depatment of City and Regional Planning was established within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 1994. In 2013, after the separation of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the department have been included in Faculty of Architecture. Education at the undergraduate level continues in two deparment City Planning and Regional Planning. In addition to undergraduate program, the Departments offers graduate degrees that are conducted according to the regulations of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. The cources that are conducted by department have been organized in a way that will contribute to socio-economic improvement of our country (city planning, urban conservation-renewal, urban design, zoning law, regional planning, urban identity and quality assessment, landscape planning and design, urban transportation planning, the implementation urban plans and information technology and spatial effects, planning for disabled, planning of housing development areas, strategic planning, regional and metropolitan planning, disaster and risk management, geographic information systems, remote sensing, environmental planning, tourism planning, urban policies, the real estate economy). The language of courses is Turkish, but 30% of courses are given as English. The courses are conducted as both theoretical and practical. Planning studios constitutes an important part of practical courses. Many of our students are being sent to the European countries with Erasmus programme and also students come from those countries to our department. Farabi Program gives a chance to exchange students between the other departments of city and regional planning in Turkey. Before the separation of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, studies were conducted with Accreditation Committee in accordance with the criterias of the Evaluation of Engineering Education Programmes and Accreditation Society. Additionally, the Department of City And Regional Planning is a member of Turkey Planning Schools Association.

Admissions Requirements: Applicants are expected to have graduated from high school or equivalent to high school to be accepted to Selcuk University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning. If the applicants have a high school diploma in a foreign country, this must be approved as the equivalency diploma by the Ministry of National Education. The applicants who get enough points from ? University Exam? and meet the all requirements for registration, can register Department of City and Regional Planning according to the regulations of Selcuk University International Students Admission Instruction subjected to bring specified documents from ÖSYM. According to Selcuk University Undergraduate Education Regulation, the applicants who will register Department of City and Regional Planning, must not be registered in an other Open Education Programs or Distance Education Undergraduate Programs.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Previous education of students that comes with horizontal or vertical transition is evaluated by Adaptation Commission according to the syllabus of the Department of City and Regional Planning, after that the adoptation is carried out. The previous education of students who will do double major or minor, is evaluated according to the regulations of YÖK about credit transition between Pre-Undergraduate or Undergraduate Level Programs, Doble Major and Minor.

Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from the department, students must have taken the all required courses and passed for graduation. Students also must complete the probation studings, internships and applications successfully, and graduation GDA must be at least 2.00. total number of ECTS must be 240 for graduation. In additon to this, students in department of city and regional planning must complete two internships in public agencies and private companies are related to city and regional planning for totally 60 working day (30x2).

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment and evaluation principles of Department of City and Regional Planning are determined according to Selcuk University Pre-Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Examination Regulations.

Employment Opportunities: Selcuk University, Faculty of Architecture, graduated students of Department of City and Regional Planning can work at urban and spatial planning sector, local sector (Municipalities and Governorates), cental management (Regional Development Agencies, Ministries: Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Culture and Tourism etc.). In additon, our graduates can work in private planning offices that are registered with the Champer of City Planners. They can also their own planning offices. On the other hand, since the city and regional planning is related to other interdisipliner professions, graduations can also work in urban design and real estate valuation sector.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The candidates who completed the undergraduate program successfully, can apply graduate programs in department of city and regional planning or other related programs with the averages of graduation GDA, ALES and Language Score in our country and also abroad. In addition, Selcuk University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning has a graduate program that is related to Graduate School of Nature and Applied Sciences.