Head of Department: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mine ULUSOY

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Fatih CANAN

Farabi Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mustafa TOSUN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Bilgehan YILMAZ ÇAKMAK

Purpose: The aim of the programme is to nurture persons who have the ability of aesthetically and technically fulfilled designs, donated with sufficient knowledge of related art domains, technologies and human sciences, to act with the conscious of the associating space, human and environment with human requirements and human scale, have sufficient knowledge about related professions, organizations and regulations.

Vision: The programmes objective is to equip architects who improve the architecture profession towards technological developments and innovations, are able to find solutions to social, cultural and environmental problems with academic and practical works, donated with ethic and aesthetical values, are able to develop interdisciplinary research and works.

Mission: Selcuk University Architecture Department has a education tradition from 1970. The department considers the innovation and developments in architecture profession. The main goal of the department is to nurture architects who have the intellectual flexibility, to research and self improvement, able to work with other disciplines and capable to coordinate these cooperations, oversee the public interest and efficient use of information and communication technologies.

Program Language: Turkish, English

Program Description: Selcuk University Architecture Department, has the Master Degree Programme (thesis and non-thesis) and PhD Degree Programme for the students who finished the undergraduate programme and get the Bachelor Degree of Architecture. 15 professors, 3 instructors and 14 research assistants contribute to education and teaching with must and elective courses. Besides architectural design studios building elements, building materials, construction systems, architectural history and restoration courses are implemented in modern environment.

Admissions Requirements: Candidates to be accepted to Selçuk University Faculty of Architecture - Architecture Department are expected that they must have graduated from high school or equivalent. If the candidate has high school diploma from foreign country, the diploma should be approved by Ministry of Education. Candidate must satisfy requirements and getting enough score for Selçuk University Faculty of Architecture - Architecture Department from University Entrance Exam. Candidates also satisfying both these requirements and Seçuk University Foreign Students Acceptance instructions can then register by bringing documents described at ÖSYM. Candidates to register to Architectural undergraduate program must not register another program, courses having limited quota or distance education undergraduate program as described in Instructions for Undergraduate/Associate Degree Education and Examination documents.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Accepted students courses, which done by their previous educations with obeying undergraduate transfer rules, are evaluated by adaptation commission according to departments syllabus. Previous courses getting by Students to study their double major or lateral branch are evaluated under Transfer Rules between Programs of Undergraduate/Associate Degree, double major and lateral branch rules of Higher Education Institution and regulations of Credit Transfer Between Institutions.

Graduation Requirements: To take degree from the undergraduate programme student has to take 240 ECTS credit and finish the internships of 30 days worksite and 30 days Office work.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Principles of evaluation and assessment of Architectural program are determined by Selcuk University Undergraduate and Graduate Program Education and Examination Regulations.

Employment Opportunities: Architects can find jobs at construction firms, and engineering-architecture offices of the firms. They can be also employed at Environment and City Planning Ministry, Culture and Tourism Ministry, İller Bankasi and Municipalities. Architects are also free to their own offices as self-employed.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Undergraduate students who complete our department successfully, can pursue graduate degree in Environmental Engineering field or related fields in case having passing score of ALES test exam. Successful student may also study graduate schools abroad in case covering those