Associate Prof. Nuri ŞİMŞEKLER
SU Director of Institute of Rumi Studies
SU Faculty of Persian Language and Literature Teaching

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The Center was born on 25 October 1964 in Konya. Primary, secondary and high school education completed here.
In the academic year 1983-84, Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Persian Language and Literature at the input. He graduated in 1987 .
Between 1987-88, the representative of Konya has performed in the morning newspaper, political, social, safety and made ​​the sports news.
Between 1988-89, depending on the General Staff in Ankara "Persian Translation - Translation" as a reserve officer completed the task.
Selcuk University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences in December 1990, the Department of Oriental Languages ​​and Literatures, Department of Persian Language and Literature, "Research Assistant" started to work as.
In 1992, SU Completed his master's degree from the Institute of Social Sciences.

Lecturer Department on March 1, 1995 in damage to the appropriate staff assigned to the Presidency.

SU in 1998 Completed his PhD at the Institute of Social Sciences.
Was an Assistant Professor in 1999.
Became an Associate Professor in 2012.
MSc and PhD courses in undergraduate courses, as well as engages in.

Selcuk University in May 2005 by the Rector appointed as the work of the establishment of the Mevlana Research and Application Center. Number 25818, and the Center Regulations published in the Official Gazette dated 17 May 2005 following the entry into force on 8 June 2005 Rector Prof. Dr. Okudan Süleyman was appointed as Director by the founder. Director of the Center conducts the lightning for 5 years, this institution has become more functional and Rumi scholar in the Centre's Institute for training in order to make the studies carried out studies on recycling. 
As a result of these efforts, published in the Official Gazette No. 27680 dated 22 August 2010 and Selçuk University was established within the life of Mevlana was appointed as the director of the Institute of Research. Lightning, and this task is still a member of the Faculty of Persian Language and Literature faculty continues.

Lightning, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared 2007 "Year of Mevlana Commemoration" TC due to Established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, "Executive Committee" has served as a member at the request of the Ministry on the subject to the extent contributed to the work and activities. Again, built in 2006 by the Municipality of Konya Mevlana comic films and was started in 2006, completed in 2007 and published by the TRT Mevlana documentary about the preparations for the advisor.

Mevlana, a large part of his academic work , works, ideas, and who on the Mevlevi Culture Şimşekler'in six books on these subjects, more than 40 papers published in scientific and popular journals, many in our country and the United States, Iran, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Afghanistan Other 20 release, including 3 joint work Konya, Istanbul and Iran Urmia 5 Exhibition, Selcuk University, and host of the television production undertaken ÜNTV'de 30-part "Rumi Drops" (2000) in the country's information program and the There are more than 20 conference. The work of lightning and Konya, and two awards for his contributions to culture and literature from many plaques.

Fluent in Persian, Arabic speaking moderately lesser degree in German and lightning, is married and has four children