Political Sciences and Public Administration Department Introduction


        Selcuk University Department of Political Science and Public Administration began its operation in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1988-1989 academic year under the name of the Department of Public Administration. Founding chairman of the department is Eyüp İSBİR, who is also former vice rector of Selcuk University, former rector of Firat University and former president of TODAİE (Türkiye Ortadoğu Amme İdaresi Enstitüsü-Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East). As of May of 1991, Prof. Dr. Dr. Orhan Gökce undertook chairmanship of the department. The department which took the name of Political Science and Public Administration in 2016, has four sub-departments as Politics and Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Urbanization and Environmental Problems and Legal Sciences. There are 6 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 1 research assistant doctor, 7 research assistants, 1 lecturer; 19 academic members in total in the department. In the department which has a four-year program, major field courses like Political Science, Management Science, Turkish Political Life, History of Turkish Management, Sociology, History of Political Thought are taught in addition to courses from other disciplines such as law, statistics and economics.